8 September 2020 - Mt. Huashan's Dangerous Trail

Mt. Huashan's 
Dangerous Trail

G'day folks,

I hate heights, and writing this post made the hairs dance on the back of my neck.

Mt. Huashan is famous for its egregious cliffs. One cliff seems to be steeper than the previous one. The temple for God of Mt. Huashan is situated on the South Peak, one of the most difficult cliffs to climb. If you like adventure vacations it is absolutely the place to go. It’s dangerous, tough and exciting!

Traditionally, only the giant plateau with its summits to the south of the peak Wuyun Feng ( Five Cloud Summit) was called Taihua Shan (Great Flower Mountain). It could only be accessed through the ridge known as Canglong Ling (Dark Dragon Ridge) until a second trail was built in the 1980s to go around Canglong Ling. Three peaks were identified with respective summits: the East, South, and West peaks.

The East peak consists of four summits. The highest summit is Zhaoyang Feng (Facing Yang Summit, i.e. the summit facing the sun).

Its elevation is reported to be 2096.2 meters and its name is often used as the name for the whole East Peak. To the east of Zhaoyang Feng is Shilou Feng (Stone Tower Summit), to the south is Botai Feng ( Broad Terrace Summit) and to the west is Yunű Feng (Jade Maiden Summit). Today, Yunű Feng considered its own peak, most central on the mountain.

The South peak consists of three summits. The highest summit is Luoyan Feng (Landing Goose Summit), with an elevation of 2154.9 meters. To the east is Songgui Feng (Pines and Junipers Summit), and to the west is Xiaozi Feng (Filial Son Summit).

Clancy's comment: Not for me. No way! However, I do wonder who built it, and how many lost their lives in the process.

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