18 September 2020 - THE STUNNING SUPERMOON OF 2020


G'day folks,

In the evenings between May 6 and the morning of May 8, 2020, people all around the globe had the excellent opportunity of witnessing the last supermoon of the year - the so-called Flower Moon. 

The name of this spring moon comes from Native Americans, who determined the seasons of the year by tracking supermoons. This is because supermoons typically occur every season, 3-4 times a year, and they mark the point in time when the Moon is closest to the Earth, which makes it appear up to 15% larger than usual. 
This last supermoon was a real beauty, appearing in shades of red, pink, and yellow across the globe. But even if you didn't get the chance to gaze up in the sky, you can admire the beauty of the Flower Moon in the following photos capturing the supermoon in different corners of the Earth.

Clancy's comment: To be in that tower depicted in the last photograph above would have been very spooky.

I'm ...


  1. Very pretty. I once saw a super moon while at Cape Cod many moons ago. :) Thought I was seeing things as I did not know that these were fairly common events. Over the water, it appeared especially large.

  2. Great job as always, Clancy! I live in Seattle and can tell you the Space Needle, built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair is on of the coolest man made places in the USA. The view of the city, MT Rainer, Puget Sound and beyond is stunning.