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When going through almost every town in the United States, you are bound to find at least one Wal-Mart. 

But what happens when a Wal-Mart closes down? Although this doesn’t seem to happen very often, it leaves behind a very large, vacant building. Most cities don’t want to let this type of building just sit there. In McAllen, Texas their Wal-Mart did close their doors leaving a large building vacant. Rather than letting this store just sit there, they did something amazing. Check out the photos below of this Wal-Mart turned library! It’s now the largest single floor library in America! Very impressive!


Inside you’ll find a cafe, a used book store, an auditorium, along with self checkout stations to make it a great experience.  They even updated the outside landscaping and building’s exterior to match with the modern design inside.


Clancy's comment: Well done, Texas.

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Well, book four in the 'Kick-Ass' series is ready to hit the bookstores. Having said that, I seriously suggest you read the three previous novels before you read this book: 'KICK-ASS' TYLER' & 'BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD', and 'LIFE SUCKS!'. That way, you will follow Sam as she encounters life, and a heap of experiences along the way.



This book is dedicated to all those who stepped-up to support those who were facing injustice.



Here is a quote from this book when Sam witnesses a waitress being assaulted by a lawyer in a restaurant: 

"Then, just as I was about to begin my dessert, I glanced across at the raucous table and noticed Stephanie leaning over their table to deliver a bottle of wine. As she did, the big-mouthed smartass placed a hand under her short skirt. Stephanie immediately pushed his hand away and stepped slightly to the side as she continued to collect plates from the table. The hairs instantly danced on the back of my neck. Furious, I got up and stood beside Stephanie. ‘Steph, I’ll take care of this asshole. Why don’t you take a break,’ I said with a smile ....

 I gently kissed Mick’s friendship ring; something I often did when I faced a serious situation.

With her hands laden with plates, Carlo’s daughter left for the kitchen, giving me full access to the guy who’d assaulted her. Fuming, I took a quick gasp of air and leant down to speak directly into the bastard’s ear.

‘Listen, asshole. I have no idea who you are and I don’t really care, but if you touch any of the waitresses again I’ll drag you outside and kick the fucking shit out of you. Have I made myself clear?’ I said, walked slightly to the right and looked directly at his face, wanting to gauge his reaction. The others on his table must have heard some of what I said. They all gaped at me in silence. So far, the offender had said nothing, so I pressed my point. ‘Hey, did you hear what I said, asshole?’'



Sam Tyler completes her law degree, begins work at a top law firm, runs a self-defence class at a youth centre, and meets members of the judiciary at Carlo’s Restaurant. After exposing a top lawyer for accosting a waitress at Carlo’s, she witnesses an accident which leads to the arrest of a colleague.

Working on a case, Sam discovers a murder involving a partner at her firm. She also finds a woman and two kids living in a car, disarms the woman’s violent partner, and finds shelter for the family.

Visiting her boyfriend Mick’s property with the State Premier’s three kids, Sam and the kids leave early due to a bushfire, and they are forced to find refuge in an old railway tunnel.

Sam and Mick become engaged, and Sam is involved in a court case involving faulty tractors sold to farmers. A class action is initiated, and Sam faces court with leading counsel, Dan Valenti. Using forged contracts, the company’s lawyer has gained court orders from the presiding judge, but Sam has explosive evidence from whistle blowers. Sadly, Dan Valenti collapses just before he makes his final presentation.

Will Sam make the presentation? How will the judge respond to their evidence? Do Sam and Mick get married?    



Law, courts, crime, violence, karate, starting work, ethics, principles, integrity, multi-cultural communities, friendships, court cases, racism, politicians, courage, youth, winning, farmers, farming communities, losing, and loyalty.


"I could not put it down. How you write these stories is amazing. Your main character, Sam, is truly inspirational ... so much courage.'


Clancy's comment: 

Now, don't be shy. Grab a copy for yourself, your daughter or granddaughter. Oh, this book is not just for females. Young men will find some serious reminders in this book. Trust me, this book will command your attention.


Email me for a copy: 



Love ya work, Sam!

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29 August 2021 - CHARLES DICKENS HAD 10 KIDS





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 Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine had ten children – an expensive number that the author apparently resented, having said privately that he wanted to stop at four.

Before he became famous and rich Dickens certainly found that supporting ten children was a challenge to his income. Astonishingly, he blamed his wife – who herself had come from a large family – for the predicament.

He also, it seems, was disappointed that none of his children appeared to possess the drive and determination that had been a feature of his own life, lamenting that he had “brought up the largest family ever known with the smallest disposition to do anything for themselves.”

This is not to say Dickens did not love them. On that fatal day of April 14, 1851, his oldest daughter Mary recorded that her father had spent much of his time "playing with the children and carrying little Dora about the house and garden.”

Dora Annie Dickens was two days short of being eight months old. She was born at the time her father was writing David Copperfield and he gave her the same name as the child-bride of the book’s main character.

Some time after Dora’s birth her mother suffered a psychological breakdown and Dickens sent her to the countryside – Malvern in Worcestershire – to help her recover.

He visited her there frequently and did so on that terrible day of April 14. Dickens returned to London from Malvern because he was due to give a speech at the annual dinner of the General Theatrical Fund.

He was accompanied to the dinner by his friend, the biographer and critic John Forster. In his book, The Life of Charles Dickens (1871), Forster tells how he informed the author of his daughter’s death:

"Half an hour before [Dickens] rose to speak I had been called out of the room by one of the servants from Devonshire-terrace [the author’s London home] to tell me his child Dora was suddenly dead. She had not been strong from her birth; but there was just at this time no cause for special fear, when unexpected convulsions came, and the frail little life passed away.

“My decision had to be formed at once; and I satisfied myself that it would be best to permit his part of the proceedings to close before the truth was told to him. But as he went on . . . to speak of actors having to come from scenes of sickness, of suffering, aye, even of death itself, to play their parts before us, my part was very difficult.”

In a book of reminiscences about her father Mary wrote: "I remember what a change seemed to have come over my dear father's face when we saw him again . . . how pale and sad it looked.”

The next task for Dickens was to pass on the awful news to his recuperating wife Catherine. Fearing how she would be affected, he decided not to speak of death but to say that Dora was “very ill.” He wrote:

My Dearest Kate,

Now observe, you must read this letter very slowly and carefully. If you have hurried on thus far without quite understanding (apprehending some bad news) I rely on your turning back and read again.

Little Dora, without being in the least pain, is suddenly stricken ill. She awoke out of a sleep, and was seen in one moment to be very ill. Mind! I will not deceive you. I think her "very" ill.

There is nothing in her appearance but perfect rest. You would suppose her quietly asleep. But I am sure she is very ill, and I cannot encourage myself with much hope of her recovery. I do not – and why should I say I do to you, my dear? – I do not think her recovery at all likely.

. . . You will not like to be away, I know, and I cannot reconcile it to myself to keep you away. Forster, with his usual affection for us, comes down to bring you this letter and to bring you home, but I cannot close it without putting the strongest entreaty and injunction upon you to come with perfect composure — to remember what I have often told you, that we never can expect to be exempt, as to our many children, from the afflictions of other parents, and that if, – if – when you come, I should even have to say to you, "Our little baby is dead," you are to do your duty to the rest, and to shew yourself worthy of the great trust you hold in them.

If you will read this steadily I have a perfect confidence in your doing what is right.

Ever affectionately, Charles Dickens

Dora was interred in a tomb at London’s Highgate Cemetery where she would be joined by her mother when she died 28 years later.

Clancy's comment: Ten! My grandparents had nine ... lucky me, eh?

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 - 'LIFE SUCKS!' -

G'day folks,

Over the years as an author, I've met some great people, many of whom are book reviewers. One of Australia's best book reviewers is Anastasia Gonis, and she has once again provided a wonderful review for my latest book - Life Sucks! Anastasia works freely and generously for a site called KIDS' BOOK REVIEW. 

 This book is the third book in the Kick-Ass series, a series about an amazing young woman named Sam Tyler. The previous books in the series are: 'Sam ''Kick-Ass' Tyler' & 'Better Than Sliced Bread'. This series covers the life and times of Sam as she overcomes many obstacles and challenges in life, including being kidnapped, surviving cancer, entering university to study law, and various deaths of close friends along the way.

Oh, the next book in this series is about to be released. It's called 'Gotcha!' The book after that is almost ready to go to print, 'Team Skippy', but brace yourself when you read that book. It's powerful.



Life Sucks! is Clancy Tucker’s third book in the ‘Kick Ass’ series featuring the bold, intelligent and proactive, Sam Tyler. 

She is a dynamic character; a fighter for lost causes who believes in giving everyone a fair go. Many important issues are addressed through her thoughts and dialogue.

After beating brain cancer, Sam is now a Law student on a scholarship at Folkestone University. She immediately becomes involved in the Student Council, continues her karate at which she excels, and gets a part-time job at Ollie’s Tavern near the campus.

She is eager, willing and able to be the best she can be in every area of her life.

Past hardships have taught her to be compassionate and grateful, and ready to serve where she is needed. Just like her dad who died when she was twelve.

Sam meets the wealthy Mrs Chandler who owns a mansion close to the University. She is the now elderly daughter of the first Governor of Folkestone. Mrs C is impressed by Sam’s honesty and forthright manner. It doesn’t take long before they spark up a warm friendship.

When Sam learns that the University is working in an insidious manner to take Mrs C’s home from her, Sam’s determined to stop them. Research on the manor uncovers many important facts; about the people on the board as well as the historical and Indigenous significance of the land. This is the first uncovering of a cluster of unknowns.

Then Sam learns that her dad and Ollie from the tavern were mates during the Vietnam War. At last, there is someone who can give her information about her dad’s war life!

There is more than Law for Sam to learn at Folkestone. 

Mrs C has secrets she won’t share with anyone. Sam’s roommate and three friends, who refuse to buckle down and study, are facing expulsion. There is the matter of homelessness that tugs at Sam’s heart. Her ability to show kindness and understanding is her greatest weapon against things that need changing. Then there is the Varsity Karate Tournament. It has never been won by Folkestone. Can she be the first to bring home the trophy?

Challenges are what Sam thrives on. But sometimes, life sucks!

Always with positive and inspiring messages, award-winning Clancy Tucker’s writing is spellbinding. A Human Rights Activist among a string of other things, his work with street kids puts him in a perfect position to write about young people authentically, passionately championing those in need. Issues that are close to his heart always surface in his books, with his leading characters their conduit.

Life Sucks! is another terrific, no-holds-barred look at society’s shortcomings, and the scandalous manipulation and abuse of power that occurs within the political ranks. More so, it explores the secrets people keep, the importance of acts of kindness, and giving everyone a second chance, regardless of their mistakes or shortcomings.   



Clancy's comment: Forever grateful for your reviews, Anastasia. 

Love ya work!

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