30 September 2020 - QUOTES FROM ANNE FRANK


G'day folks,

 Visiting Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam many years ago set me on an interesting path of reading. It also inspired me to visit four concentration camps in Europe.

Everybody knows about Anne Frank's heartbreaking plight, but did you know just how much wisdom and inspiration her famous diary contains? Written from behind her Secret Annex, while her family was hiding from the Nazis, this highly-relatable work discusses everything from family life and lovesickness to morality and religion.

Clancy's comment: Smart girl for her age.

I'm ...


  1. Thank you, Clancy! Just what we need at this moment - something inspiring!

  2. Query: Is the world a better place than it was when she was a captive in an attic? It is lovely that a very young girl still had hope, but hope can die. I always hated this Friedrich Nietzsche quote because it is utterly untrue: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." The first time you go hungry, if you are young, you are certain you will get through it. The second time, understanding fully what being hungry is, instead of being certain you can get through it because you already have, you are desperately fearful because you do not know if you can do it twice. Humanity is not fundamentally good. To the contrary. And there is constant evidence of this unhappy fact. Look at this list of genocides since World War II and tell me how we have gotten better. http://www.ipahp.org/index.php?en_acts-of-genocide I don't see it. Our material circumstances may, on the whole have improved, but who we are has remained the same.