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If this isn’t one of the creepier things you’ll read today then you must lead a pretty scary life in general. 

In the town of Huntsville, Alabama there is a cemetery called Maple Hills Cemetery. In this cemetery there is a children’s playground, if you know where to find it that is. 

Hidden in a corner of the property is a place officially named “Drost Park”, or as it’s known to the locals, the “dead children’s playground”. The story behind this park is pretty creepy. Supposedly the souls of children are abundant in this place and paranormal activity is extremely common. 

This is Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, AL. It looks like a pretty normal cemetery from this picture, headstones all neatly laid out in rows. It is actually the oldest cemetery in Alabama, being founded in 1822. It is also the largest cemetery in the state, encompassing over 100 acres of land.

 Well if you know where to go, set deep back in the cemetery is a playground for young children. A solid canopy of branches over the park never allow much sunlight through, so the park always has an eerie feel about it. Three sides of the park are also surrounded by vertical cliff faces.

It’s said that after dark the playground is teeming with paranormal activity. People have set up cameras and claimed to have captured orbs in still shots that are said to be proof that ghosts roam the property. For decades, locals have reported strange phenomenon happening after dark on the playground such as the sounds of little children’s feet running through the park, dust being kicked up as though kids are running, kids laughing, and swings going back and forth all by themselves when there is absolutely no wind pushing them. Even though the old equipment is gone, the children still seem to enjoy their playtime in the park.

As the cemetery expanded, one night the playground equiptment was taken off the property by the city. The community felt such an attachment to this area that they quickly demanded that it be declared a protected area. It was declared as such, and new playground equipment was installed immediately.

 This is where the story takes a turn. This field is directly to the right of the playground, and holds an extremely dark secret. Local legend has it that a serial child murder led a reign of terror in the town in the 40’s. He would dump the bodies in this field, and there are also multiple children buried close to the field at the edge of the cemetery across the road. Trails lead away from the field and into old mining shafts that the killer is said to have lived in.

Some locals try to avoid the place at all costs. Many have had some scary experiences here, and will advise anyone they can to stay away. Other more adventurous people though are drawn to the mystery that surrounds what was supposed to be an area of peace and tranquility for children, but turned out to possibly be a grave site for many of them.

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