Another captivating read. Covering a variety of topics as seen through the mind of a very unique young women, with foresight well beyond her years. Incorporating a diverse range of issues facing young people today. This book would do well in the school curriculum, it encourages empathy and opens a diverse range of modern day topics, along with solutions. Holds your interest till the end.

Kaye Jones

“Sam is an inspiration to both young and old.  She shows friendship and compassion to everyone, despite her own problems.

The story will make you shed a few tears in parts, but these are outweighed by her courage and positive outlook on life. Sam is able to bring together people from all walks of life - struggling farmers, refugees and people from her own seaside town.  Sam shows how incredible things can happen when whole communities work together.  A very enjoyable read for anyone, no matter what your age.”

 Jean Laws

This is the exciting and engrossing story of Sam Tyler as she juggles life- threatening cancer, final year studies, and menacing attackers.  While at the same time she encourages the dreams and needs of other people and a drought stricken community. 

Sam is quite astounding. She turned into a superhero. 

Elizabeth Longham

I am very impressed by your book. Love ya work! It is a great story and should have a lot of appeal for young readers, and not so young.

Stefan Vucak

Award-winning author and editor.

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