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Everyone at some point or another dreams of what it would be like to own their own island. A little slice of paradise where you have complete control over what goes on. This would probably be my dream scenario if I am being honest. For almost everyone in the world however, it won’t ever be fiscally possibly. 

A man from Britain is taking matters into his own hands though, and actually MAKING his own island. Yes, you read that right, he is making his own island. The process is incredibly unique, but absolutely fascinating. Check out how he is doing it below!

This is the man himself, Richart Sowa. He is an Eco-Architect, and this is actually the 2nd island he has made. The first one was destroyed in a hurricane in 2005.

 He offers tours of his own little slice of paradise and has named it ‘Joyxee Island’. He does ask for donations though to help to continue the growth of the island.

The island consists of 4 layers. 150,000 recycled water bottles makes up the bottom layer which allows the island to stay above water, with earth being put on top of that. Then another layer of trash and yet another layer of earth.

The last part consists of getting plants and trees to take root in the earth. The roots will spread out and eventually be the main thing that holds the whole island together. He has his own little kitchen inside his house on the island. 

As you could probably guess, the entire thing is run off of renewable energy, specifically solar power, and his toilet is completely biodegradable. He uses his waste to fertilize the plants taking root on the island.

Clancy's comment: Good for him. Sadly, it was damaged in a storm and the local authorities asked him to remove it.
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G'day folks,

Here’s a question. What would you think if we told you that time traveling is a real thing? Would you assume that we’re joking? Or that we read too many science fiction books? Fair enough. Time traveling is a mysterious concept wrapped in thousands of legends and myths and most of us will probably never figure it out whether it’s a real thing or just another creation of the seemingly limitless human imagination. 

Though some people are at times lucky enough to get their chance of diving a few centuries back into the past. One of those people is a photographer named Rebecca who recently had a chance to take a look inside an eerie cottage built in the 19th century that turned out to be a historical treasure chest.

Rebecca is a photographer with a passion for exploring old abandoned buildings full of history. Recently on her webpage called Abandoned NI, she shared a post about a 19th-century farmhouse that she got a chance to explore and photograph. “An artist follows my page and his brother in law inherited the cottage,” explains the photographer.

This house is located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and it was lived in until 2015 by one of three brothers who did their best to keep all of their family’s history untouched. The brother who lived here was named Dessie and he stayed here alone among the relics of the past.

Here Rebecca found loads of old books, magazines, papers, photographs, frozen clocks, and old letters from more than 100 years ago. “It was so interesting because of the valuable social history that was behind the walls. It looked very unassuming from the outside so I was quite pleasantly surprised!” the photographer shared with us. One of the things she found was a newspaper that documented the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic back in 1912.

Clancy's comment: I'd love to check out this place. Amazing, eh? Thanks, Rebecca.

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