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In 1963, a man in the Nevsehir Province of Turkey was doing a little home remodeling and decided to knock down a wall of his home for an expansion. He discovered a hidden room behind the wall with a slender hallway carved out of the stone below his home. 

The hallway lead to a cave-like room which lead to more hallways and cave-like rooms. Before he knew it, he had stumbled onto an entire underground city that was attached to his home. The city was empty and abandoned, but it had every amenity you would need to sustain a society. What he had stumbled on by accident was Derinkuyu and the underground city of Cappadocia.

These tunnels are believed to be hand dug around the 12th and 15th century BCE. They sheltered the people, and their food, from the extreme climates above. They also served as protection from an enemy attack.

 The ground is primarily made of ash and volcanic material making it easy to excavate, while still being very durable. No one is sure who first occupied the underground city, however it is certain that many groups have occupied it over the centuries.

With up to 11 floors at points accessible to the public, the city reaches depths of over 280 feet below the surface. There have been 11 floors that were excavated and deemed safe for tourism, however it is speculated that there are over 18 floors below that have yet to be discovered.

 The miles upon miles of tunnels are blackened from centuries of torches traveling through them. The city connects to other cities in the area, spanning miles which would be able to sustain tens of thousands of people at one time.

The underground tunnels lead to giant rooms that housed schools, wine cellars, oil press rooms, churches, gathering halls, shops, tombs, arsenals, livestock corrals, escape routes, and water wells separated from the surface water.

 There are over 100 entrances to the underground cities, but each and every one of them are hidden behind bushes or walls. Even courtyards had entrances that were hidden but big enough to move livestock in and out of.


Clancy's comment: Extraordinary, and I guess we'll continue to find more things like this.

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  1. this story fascinated me the first time it came up on a site somewhere... the city never fails to amaze me, and to think there are another 18 levels to go is unbelievable. All this goes to show our predecessors were smart cookies and knew exactly what they were doing, otherwise this lot would have collapsed in on itself.

    Clancy, thanks for the ongoing fascinating topics you find! With the UK in its second lockdown, we need something to interest us first thing in the morning - which is when I open your mailing.

    Stay safe yourself, you're needed!

  2. Thanks Clancy. I was there in 2012. Spent 6 weeks in Turkey and loved Cappadocia.In fact, love the whole of Turkey as a tourist and exploration destination. One of the most exciting countries I have ever been to. Pity about the present political situation.