21 February 2021 - WORLD STREET ART




G'day folks,

All of the artists depicted here are brilliant at their craft.

To quote a great man - I have a dream. In my dream, all the streets in all the world are covered by beautiful, colorful art, expressing anything beheld by the eye of imagination. I like this dream, just as I adore these creations of of art decorating the walls of many a street. I vote we cover more streets with beautiful art, who's with me?

Clancy's comment: Magnificent way to spruce up society.

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G'day folks,

Some of the work seen on this post will stagger you.

Five years ago, Hank Cheng was inspired to make his first diorama, a tiny miniature model of a Japanese restaurant he visited as a student. Before long, he became a master of his craft, and today he creates dioramas full-time and even sells them all over the world.

Cheng’s success isn’t incidental. His work is so vivid and full of detail, you can almost see tiny people living in the miniature worlds he creates. Part of the realism is that many of Cheng’s dioramas depict run-down neighbourhoods, grocery stores, cluttered bedrooms, or back alleys. They are all real-life places from the artist’s memory; through his art, he pays a tribute to his community. 

Cheng can create anything out of wood, metal, and other recycled materials. “When people ask me if there's anything that I can't make,” he says, “I jokingly say, ‘Only air and sunshine.’” Scroll down and immerse yourself in a miniature world.

Clancy's comment: Simply brilliant. Well done, Hank.

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26 February 2021 - THE St. FRANCIS DAM FAILURE of 1928



 DAM FAILURE of 1928

G'day folks,

The St. Francis dam failure is considered one of the worst civil engineering catastrophes in American history. 
Built between 1924 and 1926, St. Francis Dam was a curved concrete gravity dam that was meant to help meet Los Angeles’ growing need for water regulation and storage. It was located about 30 miles (50 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Several cracks and leaks were observed in the dam and its abutments but they were dismissed as normal by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the general manager and chief engineer of the dam, William Mulholland.

On March 7, 1928, the reservoir was filled to capacity for the first time. After an inspection, Mulholland proclaimed it safe. Five days later, on March 12, the dam catastrophically failed. The resulting flood killed hundreds and swept away thousands of acres of fertile land. The disaster was largely blamed on poor design and the use of poor quality concrete, which allowed water to undermine the dam's foundations. It goes without saying that it also marked the end of Mulholland’s career.

Clancy's comment: A sad disaster for hundreds who probably didn't see it coming.
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19 February 2021 - Construction Failure At Charles De Gaulle Airport


Construction Failure At 

Charles De Gaulle Airport


G'day folks,

Many countries have experienced great construction disasters, even Australia. Here is one that occurred in France, and it's a wonder more were not killed.

Not long after the inauguration of the Charles de Gaulle airport, in May 2004, a big portion of the roof of Terminal 2E collapsed, killing 5 people and injuring many more. The terminal building was a 1475 ft (450 m) long elliptical tube constructed of concrete rings. According to the official investigation report, a number of design failures were not caught during construction, which resulted in the collapse, namely a lack of redundant supports, poorly placed reinforcing steel, weak outer steel struts, weak concrete support beams, and low resistance to temperature fluctuations. 

 The structure was rebuilt with a metal framework and reopened in the spring of 2008.
Clancy's comment: Wow, it's a whopping structure. Happy travels, eh?

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