“I was already a fan of Clancy Tucker having read 'Gunnedah Hero' and a 'Drover's Blanket' when I purchased 'Love Ya Work'. As expected, this collection of inspirational stories is infused with the author's special brand of Aussie charm.

Some of the stories had me smiling from beginning to end, while others tugged at my heartstrings and the smile came later. This insightful and compassionate author pulls from many true life experiences to bring readers the best examples of fortitude in the face of adversity, and gets us thinking about how kindness is not only a gift for the recipient but for the one who shows it.

Love Ya Work Mr. Tucker. I look forward to reading more of your books!” 

Top review by one of Australia's leading book reviewers - ANASTASIA GONIS

This impressive collection by award-winning author, activist and humanitarian Clancy Tucker, features unpublished short stories and personal anecdotes from his journey through life ‘on the run’. It includes some bush poems that have appeared in previous publications such as Gunnedah Hero.

The stories provoke laughter and tears. They are diverse and full of atmosphere, and draw you into the settings so well-described I felt I was reliving the times. They contain romance, family conflict and resolution, love, and life-changing random acts of kindness by, and to, strangers and others, such as in The Five Dollar Circus.

Many of the true stories are taken from Clancy’s own life experiences, as are the anecdotes that he relays with such confidence and strength of memory, which shows the impact those experiences have had on him. Other stories are simply stories. Each has a specific theme that reflects the human and inhuman side of life.

Clancy has travelled extensively, documenting life through his camera lens, within Asia, the United States and countless other countries. This travel has enriched his life and informed his world view. His experiences are represented in his writing. They reflect his humanitarian attitude and generosity towards others less fortunate. Examples of sharing what you have are represented in stories built with dignity and compassion.

Then there are his bush poems. They are breakers between long and short stories, and anecdotes.

This is a book to pick up and put down at leisure, but not before you have read it all first. It’s entertaining and reflective; thought-provoking and thoughtful. The stories are about life before computers, when things were clearer and unwritten laws on social conduct and manners were passed on to others by example.

Many will cherish this collection which is presented in Clancy’s inimitable style, through his unique way of seeing life, and by writing it as it is. Love Ya Work, Clancy!

Title: Love Ya Work!
Author: Clancy Tucker
Publisher: Clancy Tucker Publishing $28.00 in Aust. (available in eBook)
Publication Date: January 2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780994601001
For ages: 12+
Type: Short Stories, Poems, Anecdotes
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

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