30 July 2020 - Bricklayer Turns Stones Into Works of Art

Bricklayer Turns Stones
 Into Works of Art

G'day folks ,

Art is a pretty undefinable thing in our world. It really is a subjective thing to ask someone what they consider art. Every person has their own unique interpretation and boundaries on what they will consider art, and what they will not. 

Well you probably would be hard pressed to find people who don’t think these amazing pieces of pebble art work as pieces of art. The skill and patience it must take to create these unique works is amazing. It definitely takes a special talent to be able to bring these creations to life.

Johnny Clasper from Yorkshire, UK went from being a bricklayer to an established stonemason by rejecting the idea of a single path. He turns stones and rocks into anything ranging from patios to innovative sculptures and captivating mosaics. Check out some of his work ...

Clancy's comment: Well done, Johnny. Excellent work.

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  1. Fibonacci spiral? This guy studied math before he became an artist? In any event, gorgeous.