12 July 2020 - Classic Cars Found In An Abandoned Warehouse After 30 Years

Classic Cars Found In 
An Abandoned
 Warehouse After 30 Years 

G'day folks,

A short while back, a photographer was on a leisurely stroll through the countryside of Portugal when he came across a huge storage barn that had no place being where it was. 

Looking out-of-place, his curiosity got the best of him and he decided to walk up to the building for a peek inside. What he saw made his jaw hit the floor. It was an absolute dream come true and he needed more details. He went up to the farm-house near the building and asked if he could take a look inside. The owner told him the story and made him swear to keep the location a secret. He was allowed to photograph the contents however he could not tell a soul where he found this hidden treasure. Check this out.

According to the property owner the cars will stay as they are and none will be sold.

Clancy's comment: Mm ... I know one guy who reads my blog daily, who will drool over these photographs. There are 180 vehicles here!

I'm ...

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