17 July 2020 - Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken Over by Thousands of Fish - Bangkok

 Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken 
 Over by Thousands of Fish - Bangkok

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The New World Mall was constructed, but was forced to close in 1997 because they failed to meet building safety regulations. It sat unused for 2 years before a fire in 1999 destroyed the roof leaving the building wide open to the elements. 

To get rid of mosquitos, the locals came up with a great idea – to breed freshwater Catfish and Koi fish in the mall’s water so they could eat the insects. The results are simply astounding. Take a look at what happens when an abandoned mall is left to rot.

Because nobody was taking charge of the situation, the building slowly started to fill up with rainwater, which in turn caused a HUGE mosquito problem for the local community.

Nearby business owners and residents were the first to introduce the fish, but in addition to the tilapia, they also introduced catfish, koi fish, mango fish, goldfish, and silver fish.

Now the mosquito population is under control and because of this unusual use of a building, tourists are starting to visit The New World Mall to see this.

Clancy's comment: Eventually, it will have to come down, and I wonder what will happen to the fish when that happens. The locals will eat them I guess.
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