29 July 2020 - Pictures That Show A Town That Was Underwater For Over 30 Years – Buenos Aires

Pictures That Show A Town That

Was Underwater For Over 30 Years 
-  Buenos Aires -

G'day folks,

Have you ever heard of the town Villa Epecuen? Probably not because this town was covered by water for over 30 years. 

It’s located just south of Buenos Aires. It had over 5,000 residents and was established in the 1920s. It was a destination for thousands of people from Buenos Aires. But everything changed in 1985. There was a dam that burst and covered the town with 33 feet of salt water. People tried to wait it out and took refuge on their rooftops, but the water did not recede. Once they saw that the water wasn’t going anywhere, most residents left, leaving the town a modern-day ghost town.

In 2009, the water eventually started to recede, leaving behind massive destruction.

 Notice how the trees are still perfectly spaced, lining the road and sidewalk.


 One resident refused to leave! His name is Pablo Novak and he lives in a stone hut with a fridge and a basic wood burning stove. Guess he wasn’t ready to start over somewhere new. His home was located on the edge of the town.

This is such an eerie sight to see. The town is completely and utterly destroyed. Would you stick around this town in hopes of the water receding, or would you move and start new?

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