9 July 2020 - 8-Year-Old Hero Carried His Disabled Brother Through A Triathlon

8-Year-Old Hero Carried His

Disabled  Brother Through A Triathlon

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When you think of an 8-year-old, you think of an adventurous, outspoken, loud child. I am sure the word Hero doesn’t even come to mind. This story, will change your perspective on this incredible 8-year-old.

Meet Noah Aldrich. A 8-year-old boy from Idaho. When he heard about a youth triathlon in his area, he immediately wanted to do it with his little brother.

But the extraordinary thing is Noah’s little brother Lucas, six, was born with lissencephaly – a rare brain disorder that means he will never walk, talk, or eat on his own.

 On  July 12, the brothers took part in a 200-metre swim, three-mile bike ride and one mile run, with Noah carrying little Lucas in the sweltering heat the entire time.


During the swimming portion he pulled his brother on a raft.

Clancy's comment: Go, Noah! Love ya work!

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