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Today, I received a great review for one of my favourite books - SHEEZA. This review was provided by one of Australia's most noted poets, Vicki Case. Also, at the bottom of this post is a great comment by an American living in Australia, Tracy Dumpert. Tracy has just finished reading 'Gunnedah Hero' and 'A Drover's Blanket'.  

Australia's award winning author - Clancy Tucker, is an exceptional literary talent. He has the ability to captivate your interest & emotions from the inaugural page. He then takes you on the emotional roller-coaster journey his book has in store for you.

Sheeza is no exception. This story absorbed me immediately. I found myself feeling the pain & anguish of a young boy who was struggling to fulfil his dream of owning a kelpie dog. One day fate; & a well-constructed argument with his mother; step in and his dream comes to fruition. His dreams of one day competing in a sheep dog trial with his dog are finally achievable. 

However, after a motor vehicle accident, Danny lost his leg & had it replaced with an artificial limb; constricting his movement/s somewhat. The kelpie pup that chose him at the pet shop also had a slight deformity in her leg. Together they formed an incredible bond & trained regularly with their goal in sight. 

On their novice attempt they win a sheep dog trial. Then, the selfish act of an individual shatters both their lives when Sheeza is stolen by a truck driver outside the pet shop where she was tied up while Danny paid the final amount he owed the store owner for her. They search & search for months but nothing. Then, one fateful day Sheeza is found many, many miles from home & returned to Dan.

Sheeza had my emotions throughout. I found myself crying tears of joy in some chapters & tears of heartbreak & sorrow in others. I felt as though I was in the story; that it could have easily been me.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a great book that will stay with me forever.

I truly loved this story so much Clancy. Thank you so much for giving it life. It’s another of your great books that would make an amazing movie.

 Vicki Case

Comments by Tracy Dumpert, regarding 
'Gunnedah Hero' and 'A Drover's Blanket':


Hi. I don't normally send emails like this. However, I finished 'Gunnedah Hero' and 'A Drover's Blanket'. Great books. I couldn't put them down.

I'm an American living near Gosford NSW and commuting to Sydney everyday. The books kept me engaged each day on the train. My only challenge was holding back tears while people sit beside me on the train and look at me funny, sniffing. I like to read books dealing with Aussie heritage. And these were great.


Tracy Dumpert

Clancy's comment: Well, there ya go, folks. Looking for a good Christmas present? Look no further. You've heard how good these books are, and further reviews can be seen at the top of this blog. So, head up to the book shop and grab a copy of these books; paperback or e-books.

Many thanks to Vicki Case and Tracy Dumpert for taking the time to comment on my work. Love ya work!

I'm ...

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