6 October 2014 - BALANCED STONES


G'day folks,

There are all sorts of artforms in the world, but check this out. This guy balances rocks and they balance him right back. It is a relationship that has formed between Michael Grabb and his special art pieces. Grabb makes most of his statues in the streams of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. His is a Sisyphean work of piling and balancing the stones one on top of another. 
This activity, he says, balances the material world with the spiritual one. On the one hand is the material nature that rocks symbolize, on the other, the perfect harmony and balance that comes from the spiritual world, as well as the connection to the natural world. The results are fantastic and creative, when we see his implausible creations. 

Now watch a few videos and watch him at work:

Clancy's comment: Now I know how they built the pyramids. Bloody amazing, eh?

I'm ...

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