3 October 2014 - ELLA JENKINS - 90!


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Welcome to the life and times of Ella Jenkins who recently turned 90 years-of-age. Who is she? Why is she famous?

On August 6th, 2014, pioneering, inspiring, and award-winning children’s musician and educator Ella Jenkins turned 90 years old. From first learning harmonica as a child to earning the first GRAMMY lifetime achievement award given to a children’s artist, Ella continues to live a life filled with rhythm and song. Her enduring dedication to education through music is evident in her 57-year career, during which she has released 40 albums and films, performed on numerous stages and television programs worldwide, and received countless awards and recognitions. 

Ella spent her formative years on the south side of Chicago, where she was exposed to a range of musical influences, from the gospel music pouring out of local churches to the rhythm and blues of T-Bone Walker and Big Bill Broonzy. While studying at San Francisco State University, Ella was introduced to other musical traditions by her Jewish roommates, and from there her commitment to multiculturalism took off. In the early 1950s, she led singing sessions in youth camps and a Chicago recreation center that featured traditional songs not only from her neighborhood, but also from cultures all over the world. Many of these songs were learned from friends and from her own travels, and many she created herself. Ella’s 40th title, More Multicultural Children’s Songs, continues her musical legacy by inspiring respect and rejoicing in the traditions of others among children of all ages. 

Reflecting on her childhood, Ella says, “I was raised with respect for my elders and teachers, which helped me throughout my life.” She strives to inspire this same passion for learning and diversity in all children. By providing fun, interactive music, she is able to impart knowledge of world cultures, the joy of music, and basic skills into children’s lives. Children’s musicians, parents, and educators worldwide have Ella to thank for her ongoing innovative and engaging influence. 

Now you might like to see what she is like at entertaining kids. Check out this short video.

Clancy's comment: Fantastic effort. Happy birthday. Love ya work, Ella!

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