23 October 2014 - SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION


G'day folks,
As you know there are many kids struggling around the world, and many organisations attempting to help those kids. I have presented this organisation on my blog before, but today I have a letter from the director of Save a Life Foundation, Jackson Darko.

"Greetings from Save A life Foundation (SALF). This Foundation was recently advertised by Clancy Tucker on his daily blog, which helped us enormously. 

The foundation was in a deplorable state, as we were seriously lacking items such as teaching and learning materials, toys, volunteers and even three square meals per day was an enormous struggle to attain.

Clancy's blog helped us by putting our plight firmly on the map and an audience of many thousands of people and thanks to Clancy’s blog many kind hearted people came to support us in their own generous ways which minimized the problem, but currently as we speak more and more unwanted destitute children arrive at our doors hoping for help a future, or just to be hugged. 

We are currently facing a serious infrastructure problem and our only classroom has developed cracks in the walls and ceiling and the poor toilet facilities has a leaking roof. It is because of these reasons that we are once again pleading for your support. Two German diplomats and a philanthropist have supported us in order for us to acquire six plots of land located in the central part of Ghana where we plan to develop a six classroom complex, but our financial restrictions mean it is once again our biggest challenge. 

The cost of the project is estimated at $20,000. We are therefore appealing to everyone to kindly come to our aid so that our school can be established and these destitute kids can have a sound atmosphere for learning and growing.

Please come to our aid and help us help those who literally have nothing.

Thank you in advance.
Jackson Darko

Facebook.com : Save A life Foundation
Telephone: +233245158554

Now, check out these photographs of some gorgeous kids that Jack and his team are trying to help:

Land for proposed new building

Donations given to the foundation

Clancy's comment: Heard ya loud and clear, Jack. What gorgeous kids, eh? Always happy to help any kids who are struggling ... Anywhere in the world. By the way, this organisation is seeking a patron. If you have the time, passion and empathy, contact Jack. The kids deserve your interest, and I guarantee that they will repay you a million times. 

  An email of support would be most appreciated. Or, maybe you can re-post this on your own blogs and websites. Don't be shy. All kids, wherever they are, deserve the opportunity to have a happy childhood - any childhood. So, maybe you have some spare cash, books or teaching materials that will help these kids. If so, email Jack and his team of volunteers.

I'm ...

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