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One thing that continues to amaze me is architecture from the past and present that is designed to make a statement. 

Architecture that will stand the test of time and inspire creativity, engineering and how far we can push the limits of design. There is a bridge just outside of Da Nang in Vietnam that exhibits each one of these qualities perfectly. It is a viewing bridge suspended by two giant hands and is wowing tourists from around the world. The bridge is over 4,500 feet above sea level and looks over the beautiful surrounding countryside. 

The bridge features a curved design lined with vivid flowers and gold accents. The colorful and bright bridge is suspended by two giant ancient looking hands that seem to be protruding from the stone earth below. The construction took about a year and it turned out incredible. Take a look below at this marvel of architecture, design and engineering.

The hands look as though they were carved from stone while in fact they are a sculpture made of wire mesh and fiberglass. The hands were painted perfectly to look like aged stone with liken and moss growing on them. The bridge is part of a $2 billion dollar investment into the tourism industry in Vietnam. It hopes to bring over 1.5 million visitors annually.  The bridge looks like a giant ribbon that these hands derived from the depths of earth are lifting high up into the air as if offering it to the heavens above.

It is known as the Golden Bridge and is located above the Ba Na Hills in Vietnam.

Clancy's comment: Stunning, eh? Great spot for a photographer. Can't wait to visit.

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