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These wise quotes are more relevant than ever in our troubled world.

Maya Angelou is perhaps one of the most renowned modern poets and writers and is a common name in nearly every household. Born Marguerite Annie Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri, her older brother christened her Maya. Her childhood years were tumultuous, due to her parents crumbling marriage. 

Shuttled off to live with their grandmother after the separation, she enjoyed a few good years with her grandmother before being forced to return to her mother's home at the age of 8. It was here that a tragic series of events led to 5 years of silence from the young girl, during which she developed her passion for the world of literature. 
Over the next few years of her life, she pursued this passion wholeheartedly, along with dance, music. and acting. A life filled with adversity and struggle burst forth the civil rights activist in her. Apart from her work in the arts, she also held a multitude of other jobs, including sex worker, fry cook, and even professor. She came to be a spokesperson for her gender, her community, her country, and her strong philosophical ideals. 

Her most famous work is entitled “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”, and it is an autobiographical piece that tracks this artist’s journey from a victim to a pillar of strength and dignity, first for herself, and later for the world. Though we lost this strong soul in 2014, her books, poems, and other expressions remain close to us. Her words remind us to find our own strength and that hard work and perseverance are the greatest tools we all possess.

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