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Time for some self-promotion for my latest book - Bold Journey. This book has now received some great reviews. Here is one from one of Australia's top poets - Vicki Case. 

5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVED IT 5 May 2017
By Vicki CASE - Published on Amazon.com

When you pick up a Clancy Tucker book you can be rest assured you will not be disappointed. Bold Journey is no exception - yet another Clancy heart string tugger for sure.

Bold Journey is a story of two Italian families who individually make a decision to migrate to a foreign land (Australia) so their children can have a better life. In doing so, the AGNELLI & GINELLI families have to leave their family & friends behind & sail to the unknown. Despite the distance however, they never forget or lose contact with their families, their heritage or their culture.

En route to Australia, aboard the Achille Lauro, children; Fausto AGNELLI forges a lifelong friendship with Caterina GINELLI. The two share so many great times & adventures together until one day their lives have to take an individual road, a road to their chosen careers. Fausto wants to be a journalist, whilst Caterina wants to pursue nursing. Little did they realise, that their careers would bring them together again & again, however not in the circumstances they would prefer.

Years later they are both nominated for individual international awards for their respective work. Will they again be united, or not?

Bold Journey is another brilliant literary work by Australia's multi award-winning author - Clancy Tucker. Each of his books are different; yet each contains an ethical moral that will bring you to tears.

I loved this book from beginning to end & I know you will to. I highly recommend Bold Journey, regardless of your age. It’s a beautiful journey that will leave you wanting more - Cat & Fozzie's journey. I pray there is a sequel.

Clancy's comment: Many thanks, Vicki. This book is dedicated to all those who left their homeland to make a new life in Australia, and we sure are grateful that they did. So many migrants have made a substantial contribution to this country. Some of them have featured as guests on this blog.

So, who is Vicki Case? Well, she is one of our finest poets, and a very good dog trainer as well, just to mention a few of her talents. Click on her name above and read about her fine work. Then, slide up to the right-hand side of this page and grab yourself a paperback or e-Book. This story will resonate with any person who has migrated to another country.

Mm ... I hadn't considered a sequel, but now it's a real possibility. 
Love ya work, Vicki!

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