28 June 2017 - The Ruins of Batman’s Lair in Thailand

The Ruins of Batman’s Lair 
in Thailand

G'day folks,

Welcome to another abandoned building. This one is in southern Thailand.

 The Batman nightclub entertainment establishment sits decaying away in the Thai coastal city of Pattaya.  Derelict for over 20 years, the crumbling club sits on Soi Batman, the street that still carries its name, as it is still a very distinguishing building.

The Batman was built in the mid-1990’s in central Pattaya, where it became one of the city’s hottest night-spots. The club’s Batman spotlights could be seen beaming across the city each night, as if Pattaya were Gotham City and customers were being called instead of help from a caped-crusader.

It was also a ‘snooker club’ on the members-only upper floors, where the ladies that worked there walked around scantily clad (or un-clad) and entertained club members in short-time rental rooms. This enormous, dilapidated venue, though only in operation for a brief spell, remains standing as a mysterious and foreboding reminder to Pattaya locals of past adventures in local nightlife.

The once-eventful six-floor structure (including the rooftop), now seems to host mainly street artists who come to spray murals on the many walled canvases, as well as a few vagrant folks who use it as a shelter for humid, rainy Pattaya nights. There was a street art event held at the Batman in March of 2016, which provided the colourful array of murals covering most of the internal and external walls. 

The ground floor area, which was the main Batman dance floor, is completely submerged under a few meters of water. What is now a murky pond was once a large dance area with a bar and a stage for live performances. It was reported in local news last year that a man’s body of was found floating in that very pool.  Now, here are some photographs of this building.

Clancy's comment: A big place, but can't say I've been there. Love the artwork.

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