11 May 2015 - ADRIAN WORSLEY - Sculptures


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G'day folks,

Today, I introduce an amazing artist from New Zealand who creates awesome pieces from scrap. Adrian designs and constructs unique one-off sculptures from recycling scrap metal, tools and farm implements sourced locally around New Zealand.

Originally a fitter welder who moved into stainless steel and then taught himself woodworking, Adrian discovered a passion for creating with recycled materials. Starting with furniture and cabinetry in houses, restaurants, cafes and vineyards Adrian now spends nearly all of his time sculpting works of art. 

 The process of creation of Adrian’s sculptures is a story in itself. The inspiration of a work may come from anywhere including a client or an interest of his own. The design will occur firstly in Adrian’s head as he researches the item via photos, books, real life examples and Google and thinks carefully about how to construct the piece and what item of scrap will best represent what he is trying to achieve.

There are periods when Adrian thinks about it for months, designing and redesigning many times over in his head before ever picking up a tool to create. Often, when its time, the construction of the artwork is fast Adrian works as long as the creative flow is there which can mean sleepless nights. Time has little meaning as inspiration dictates to Adrian his work hours.

Such is the choice of materials to work with Adrian will wait for exactly the right piece of scrap to turn up before continuing with the sculpture. It is in this way that Adrian’s sculptures are amazing replicas or have a life-like appearance to the genuine article that can be uncanny. This is where you get drawn in to his unique talent – examining the pieces and realising that you are looking at a pair of hedge clippers, down piping, roofing iron, spanners, shovels, recycled hay makers, pliers and horse shoes – all of which have created a praying mantis of such amazing detail it looks to be ready to leap off the side of the house.

Here are samples of his work.

Clancy's comment: Damn amazing, eh? Some people obviously have talent. Come to think of it, I think the top sculpture looks very similar to a mate of mine who now lives in New Zealand. 

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