5 July 2014 - KANYA BOY - Thai Photographer


- Thai Photographer -

G'day folks,

Most of you know I have a great love of South East Asia, especially Thailand. Well, I also have a great love of photography and that part of the world offers much to any person with a camera. Today I feature a very talented Thai Photographer - Kanya Boy.

Twitter : kanya120 https://twitter.com/kanya120

FB Benjamad Kanya https://www.facebook.com/botan.kanya

Pinterest : Benjamad Kanya http://www.pinterest.com/benjamad/

Clancy's comment: Thank you, Kanya Boy. They say that there are more temples than hospitals in Thailand, but the temples are more attractive than the hospitals. 

Folks, you have just been to Thailand. Trust me. It is indeed the land of smiles.

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