19 July 2014 - WEIRD STUFF


G'day folks,

Welcome to some more weird stuff from around the world.

Clancy's comment: Very clever stuff, eh? Some of the fruit and vegetable designs may be very good ideas for mums wanting to entice their kids to eat well. Just a thought.

Although I'd already prepared this post to humour you all, I'd like to pass on my condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed in the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash. 28 Australians lost their lives in the senseless killing of world citizens. Many of those killed were notable folks travelling to Melbourne, Australia to attend a world conference on AIDS - people who have dedicated years of their lives to remove the AIDS scourge from this planet. 

What a crazy bloody world we live in. I often shake my head and wonder about things that happen in this world. 

We can, and should, do better than this.


I'm ...

Think about this!

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