2 July 2014 - DOC FISHERMAN


G'day guys,

Ever meet someone who surprised you? I've met plenty, and today I offer a short anecdote about a guy I met when I was working in the hospitality industry.

     Working in the hospitality industry means long hours of work, often early mornings and very late finishes. However, I did have several hours off during the day and often went fishing at one of the many rivers that surrounded the small but beautiful town I lived in. It was a great way to relax when you were what I called, ‘peopled out’. Marysville was a magnificent area for fishing with at least five rivers to choose from. 

      One Saturday morning I happened to be fishing on the Taggerty River and ran into another fisherman named Rod. We spent some time together and chatted about fishing. He was a great guy. Like many anglers, he was a guy who disliked eating fish but loved to catch and release.

     I was well prepared when I went fishing. I always took plenty of food, water, bait and coffee. When lunchtime came around, Rod informed me that he’d left his lunch in the fridge at home in Melbourne. I didn’t hesitate. I shared my salad rolls, coffee scrolls and coffee with him. He was most grateful and we had a great day. We caught three trout each and agreed to meet back at the same spot in two weeks. For the next three months Rod and I met and fished all over the district. Each time he brought some delicious surprise for me; a slice or cake his wife had made.

Rod and I always chatted about politics, fishing, the environment and world affairs; rarely did we chat about personal things. On that note, I knew Rod worked in a hospital but I never really knew what he actually did so I asked him. I’d assumed he worked in administration. His reply was somewhat gob smacking, considering I’d known him for months.
       ‘I’m a surgeon,’ he replied. 
       ‘Bloody hell, Rod. I never knew that.’ He grinned at my reply. Then he told me heaps about his work. I learned that he was one of Australia’s leading heart surgeons. He was also a good bloke and a good fisherman. His wife, Milly, was a bloody good cook too. 

       That was years ago, but Rod and I have stayed in touch. Amazing who you’re likely to meet on a riverbank, eh?

Clancy's comment: There ya go. Fishing is a great sport; open to all sorts of folks. And, life is full of twists and turns, eh?

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