15 July 2014 - 'PA JOE'S PLACE'


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Today I offer you some great reviews for my latest book which has sold well and received amazing reviews on Amazon. Sure I wrote it, but I would honestly recommend it to you as a book that will make you think about the things that matter most in life. Trust me. This tale is based on a true story and I promise you one thing: It will move you like no other book.

"With true mastery of his writing style Clancy has led us on a wonderful journey into a whole new world. That of an amazingly courageous young girl and her adventure-filled journey from home and family in the north of Thailand to Pa Joe’s Place in southern Thailand. A journey of 1,700 kilometres on her own.

On her own but meeting some powerful and interesting people all of whom see that Boo has that something special. A journey filled with a senior police official, high ranking army officer, elderly Buddist monk and a senior Imam and his family. It’s almost as if her journey south has some special purpose and maybe it does with the enigmatic ‘Pa Joe.’

     Clancy has captured the story of seven year-old, Boo Nawigamune, and powerfully portrayed the physical and emotional journey to Songkhla and the home of 150 children. Pa Joe’s background as a Jesuit priest and Boo as a devout Buddhist makes for interesting times as they discover more about their faith through each other.

            You will laugh, you will cry and you’ll come away with an understanding of the Thai spirit and country. From the time I had the good fortune to read an early manuscript it felt like I knew Thailand and could see an amazing young girl influencing others in her happy, positive way.

            The characters are real and well known by the author and they form a part of his love of the country and its people. What more can I say than you will love Boo and see how even a young child can change the lives of others.

            If this book doesn’t make the best seller list I’ll be surprised.

            Hoei Boo!

            Love your ‘great’ work, Clancy."

Kim Stedman, Author, Western Australia.

 "This book is a heart-warming novel based on a true story. It traces the journey of a poor Thai girl whose family reluctantly sends her away to give her the best chance for a good education. It is the story of Boo who travels by rail and helicopter to her new home - Pa Joe's orphanage. It relates the bond between her and Pa Joe, a Jesuit priest, and a brave Australian tourist named Jack and others touched by her. In a world full of tragedy and despair, this is a story of courage, friendship and self-sacrifice beyond national, religious and ethnic boundaries.

What an amazing young life! Well done, Clancy Tucker. Luv ya work."

Justice Shane Marshall, Judge - Federal Court of Australia.  



 “Would you like to be taken away to a dreamy place, where people are gentle, hard-working and beautiful?  This is the story of ‘Boo’, a little girl, who, like a saint, creates bliss for everybody she comes in contact with.

Only a seven year-old Thai girl, her personal adversities cannot affect her pure soul and with the help of Pa Jo, his many dedicated friends, and a very strong Aussie connection, she makes her community of children and adults prosper as her ‘Thank you’ for accepting her. Until a dreadful affliction intervenes in her saintly work.

The story is narrated by ‘Boo’ herself, through her own eyes, guiding you gently through a different culture. The land is tranquil and beautiful, with her soul of a seven year-old seeing everything in terms of spiritual  intervention and destiny.

This book is another literary masterpiece, crafted by the outstanding Australian writer Clancy Tucker. Since he knows personally ‘Boo’ and the famous ‘Pa Jo’, a Jesuit priest, he brings immediacy into this fascinating narration. This book draws the reader into another, gentler, world; the ugly knot of our civilisation dissolves, gentle bliss and divinity.”

Peter Frederick, Author, Australia

 “WOW! Where do I begin? PA JOE's PLACE is an extraordinary book that had me captivated from its inaugural page & retained my interest and total attention throughout. It’s the story of an incredible Thai girl who gives so much to the world ... She touched the hearts and souls of everyone who came into contact with her. Throughout the pages of this amazing book I found myself crying; caught up in the inspirational and highly emotional story line which is based on a real life experience. 


We go through life existing. It’s not until someone such as Clancy TUCKER takes the time to write a great book about their experiences that we sit back and realize just how many people there are out there that selflessly give of themselves to others; never asking for any form of remuneration or recognition. PA JOE's PLACE is; without a shadow of a doubt; a MUST READ. I cannot remember ever reading a book where I found myself reading it through a tsunami of tears that just wouldn't stop. I found myself caught up in the story; feeling each and every moment of happiness, sadness and; especially loss. It is with great pleasure that I award this book 5 stars & if it was possible I would have given it 10 stars.”

Vicki Case, Celebrated poet, New South Wales, Australia 

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