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Now in lockdown again due to Covid 19, I thought some of these tips might help others.

Most of us tend to go through our daily routines in a similar manner every day. We are so used to this daily rhythm, to the point where our actions can become automatic – we can go through a whole day in that robotic fashion, following the same fixed orders our brain sends us. But shouldn’t you be the one in control of your mind rather than vice versa?

A good way to regain that control is by practicing mindfulness. This technique originates in Buddhism, and it started gaining popularity in the west by the late 1970s when it was incorporated in medical practices and mental health treatments. Nowadays, mindfulness programs are applied in schools, hospitals and even prisons around the world. 

When we get out of bed mindlessly in the morning, without a guiding thought or a specific goal for the day, we give our minds “permission” to operate through the subconscious. When that happens, our decision-making process is aimless and can feel random or meaningless. You can overcome that feeling by creating a mindful morning routine. Instead of checking your phone and your e-mails first thing in the morning, try to do the following: 
 1. When You Wake Up, Sit Up in Bed For a Few Moments – Close your eyes, and feel the sensation in your body when you’re sitting up. Feel the weight of your body and the softness of your bed. Make sure you are sitting up straight. 
 2. Take 3 Deep Breaths – Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. After that, let your breath take its natural course and listen to it. Pay attention to the movements happening in your body when you breathe – how your chest and abdomen rise and fall. 
 3. Ask Yourself ‘What Are My Intentions Today?’ – Think of the people you’re about to see today and the activities and tasks you will do. What are your intentions? Maybe leaving others with a positive impression of you? Or feeling more at ease in your interactions? 
4. Set a Goal For the Rest of the Day – For example, “today I will be kind to myself, joyful and patient with those around me”. 
 5. Check on Yourself During the Day – Stop what you’re doing from time to time, take a breath and remind yourself of the goal you set in the morning. Practicing these steps over time can lead to an overall improvement in your mood, and in your relationships.

Clancy's comment: Mm ... good advice, especially for me. Hope these help.

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  1. Thank you Clancy for your post today.
    Lots of people are struggling with the lockdown. Kind words are desperately needed. Kindness and interest is needed. Sometimes even a sentence can change the course of a person's day.
    Keep safe and stay who you are!