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 A reddit user who goes by the name hanshound recently posted pictures of a box of Prohibition-era whiskey that he got for “a good deal” from the previous owner who stored the near 100-year-old whiskey in his cellar, which is at a controlled temperature of 55 degrees year round. The previous owner originally had two cases, however, he consumed the first case with some friends before deciding to part with the second case, selling to hanshound who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Originally, it was bottled in the spring for medicinal use only. However it is assumed that it had not been sold to its first owner until after the ratification of the 21st amendment to the US Constitution, which ended prohibition. This is most likely the reason why the label was changed from medical use only to general consumption.  These pictures show the unique transition that a box of whiskey took during the prohibition to post prohibition marketing. We are lucky enough to see it today, 94 years after it was barreled and 82 years after it was bottled.


This part of the case indicates where and when the whiskey was made and bottled. The 24 bottles of whiskey total 3 gallons and they are 100 proof. The whiskey was barreled in 1921 and bottled in Spring of 1933.


 Hanshound describes the case itself as follows, “The outer box is extremely heavy and sturdy, made somewhat like putting sheet after sheet of paper together and then submerging them together in glue. The inner dividers are more like cardboard of today.”


  The label advises the consumer of the penalty of reusing their labels. It says, “This bottle has been filled and stamped under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1897, entitled, “An art to allow the bottling of Distilled spirits in bond”.  Any person who shall re-use this bottle for the purpose of containing distilled spirits, without removing and destroying the stamp affixed to this bottle, or who shall re-use the stamp affixed to this bottle, will be liable for each such offense to the fine of not less than One hundred or more than One thousand dollars, and to imprisonment for not more than two years.”


Clancy's comment: Interesting purchase, eh? I wonder what it tastes like? Probably rocket fuel.

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