3 April 2021 - ANCIENT ROMAN SHOE - 2000 YEARS OLD



- 2,000 YEARS-OLD -


G'day folks,

This stylish ancient Roman shoe is on display at The Saalburg (a Roman fort) in Germany. It is another terrific example of the intricate craftsmanship of ancient Romans. 
This elaborately-designed shoe was found in a well and is believed to be more than 2,000 years old. It shows how fashionable the Romans of that era could be. According to some historians, the Romans were the originators of the entire-foot-encasing shoe. 

This particular one is heavily embellished, conveying serious wealth and status. It is likely to have belonged to a wealthy woman as ancient Romans sometimes liked to demonstrate their wealth through fancy footwear. This shoe also appears to be on the heavier side which indicates it was worn for outdoor use.
Clancy's comment: Wow, so fashionable.

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