14 March 2021 - A 3,400-year-old artist's palette found in Egypt


A 3,400-year-old artist's

 palette found in Egypt


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You’ve probably heard or read stories of various ancient artifacts such as amulets, symbols, rings, and many iconic historical structures in your school history books. 


These fascinating items are incredibly important as they give us glimpses of how life used to be once upon a time for our ancestors. Since there were no cameras back then, these rare artifacts help create an image in our mind of that world gone by.

This painter's palette is believed to have been carved around 1390–1352 BC from a single piece of ivory. Amazingly, you can still see the cakes of pigments including blue, green, brown, yellow, red, and black in its wells. 



An inscription of the pharaoh Amenhotep III in hieroglyphics and the epithet "beloved of Re" can also be seen in this ancient palette which is safely kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Historians say that during the reign of pharaoh Amenhotep III in ancient Egypt, art and culture were on the rise and this old palette is a wonderful reminder of that.

Clancy's comment: I find these discoveries fascinating. 

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