13 June 2020 - Indian Photographer Captures Colorful Spiders And Other Cute Critters

Indian Photographer Captures

 Colorful Spiders And 

Other Cute Critters

G'day folks, 

You are not going to believe some of the photographs here today.


Not everyone enjoys spiders, snakes, and other critters. However, you might change your mind after you see these photographs taken by Pavan Tavrekere.

Pavan is a photographer from India, and he specializes in capturing tiny creatures with his camera. He is inspired by nature and does most of his photographs outdoors, trying to find new specimens to add to his photo collection. Pavan said, "I started shooting these tiny critters over 8 years ago when I had a Sony Xperia phone, and that became a passion. It's amazing to see tiny creatures up close, to observe their lives and behaviour. Now, I feel unhappy if I don't go outdoors and shoot something for over a week. I'm fascinated by the number of creatures that exist! I've shot several kinds of insects, but now and then I still find something new that I never would've seen at all."

Now, let's see more of Pavan's work ...

Clancy's comment:  There ya go. Wow, how good is nature, eh? Thank you Pavan. Love ya work!

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