2 June 2020 - Russian Couple Places Tiny Fantasy-Inspired Worlds Into Their Jewelry

Russian Couple Places Tiny  Fantasy-Inspired Worlds Into Their Jewelry


G'day folks,

I'm always seeking creative people to share with you, and I've found a couple who make extraordinary items. 


Maxim and Diana run their own little workshop "Maple Fox," where they create amazing jewelry. They put different magical worlds inside their works. For example, they have pendants, rings, figurines, and night lights with the heroes and locations from Warhammer, Dota 2, and The Witcher 3. Along with this, they indicate that most often, people commission jewelry with ships and lighthouses.

In their artwork couple uses wood, horns, mother of pearl, and, of course, epoxy resin.

Diana is an artist and painter, so her main activity in the workshop is precisely artistic. She generates and draws sketches for future artwork, participates in the creation of complex compositions. Maxim is engaged in miniatures, as well as in resin casting, shaping future products, grinding, polishing, and the manufacture of all wooden parts and decorations. 

Now, let's have a good look at their work...

Clancy's comment: Stunning work, eh?

I'm ...