4 June 2020 - Artist Uses 200k Recycled Bottle Caps To Create A Mural

Artist Uses 200k Recycled Bottle
 Caps To Create A Mural

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I'm always looking for bright, young artists to share their work. Here is an inventive young man from Venezuela.

Many artists around the globe have begun shifting towards art that draws everyone’s attention to the ever-rising issue of climate change. Among these examples, we have yet another artist, 23-year-old Oscar Olivares from Venezuela, who has been making headlines recently with his gigantic mural made from bottle caps.

“Besides the techniques, I have always used my art to be happy and to express what I feel and think,” explained the inspiration behind his art. “I am deeply happy when I am drawing or painting and I want the people that look at my work to feel the same happiness that I feel during the creative process. To be honest, at the end, I didn’t make the decision to become a visual artist—it is just what I am and if I wouldn’t have become an artist, I would have been a totally different person.”

Oscar Olivares, in collaboration with the local environmental organization OkoSpiri and Movimiento en la Arquitectura para el Futuro (eng. Movement in Architecture for the Future), has created a gigantic mural using recycled plastic bottle caps and container lids.

It took 2.5 months to plaster over 200,000 various plastic caps on a wall of a small square, Plaza Escalona in El Hatillo Municipality, Caracas. The mural extends a total of 45 meters in length, measuring 3.5 meters at its shortest point and 7.25 meters at its highest point.

“The initiative came from ONG OkoSpiri—they invited me to participate as the artist of the project of creating the first eco-mural of Venezuela using just bottle cap,” elaborated the young artist. “At first, it sounds impossible, but I did some research and dove deep into pointillism and color. It helped me understand that it was not only possible to make a good mural using caps, but also something hard yet impressive and thus worth it.”

Clancy's comment: Go, Oscar.   Love ya work!

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  1. Fantastic! I LOVE to hear positive stories about recycling successes. I recently saw a post about new roads using recycled tires. And kids chairs made out of recycled plastic! YAY WORLD! It would be great if we could have contests to encourage out of the box thinking with regards to reusing the things we toss.

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