2 February 2020 - Beauty of the Mysterious Black Forest

Beauty of the Mysterious Black Forest

G'day folks,

Welcome to a wonderland. 

The huge and mysterious Black Forest encompasses hundreds of miles and is one of the biggest forested areas in the world. The Romans gave it its ominous name because it used to be so thick, no light reached its floor and walking inside it, you would step into perpetual night. 

The black forest is home to mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls, streams, and scenery that has broken countless hearts. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, dressed in colors of white and green in the winter, yellow, orange and red in the fall, and every other color in between. Enjoy these stunning views of this magical place.

In more ancient times, the forest was reputedly so thick that humans couldn't even get in it, and so dense that no sunlight reached the forest floor, and it was as dark as night. 

The German word for the black forest is Schwarzwald. It is known for three known features: The amazing scenery, the formidable woods, and the highlands.

The black forest scenery reminds people of mythological legends and is said to be haunted by witches, sorcerers, werewolves and many demons of various shapes and sizes. That said, there are also good dwarves that try to balance the scales, so if you see one, you're in good hands. 

1.3 million people in Germany work somehow with the black forest, which supplies not only timber but also other helpful resources as well as being a visitor attraction.




Clancy's comment: Wow. I could spend months here, just strolling around with my cameras.

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