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Welcome to some facts about Babe Ruth.

Full Name: Babe Ruth [George Herman Ruth, Jr.]
Nationality: American

Profession: Baseball Legend
Why Famous: US Major League Baseball player considered one of the greatest hitters of all time; was one of the first 5 individuals elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Born: 6th February, 1895
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Died: 16th August, 1948 (aged 53)
Cause of Death: Cancer

Married Life
1914-10-14 - Baseball legend Babe Ruth (19) weds Helen Woodford
1929-04-17 - Baseball great Babe Ruth (34) marries 2nd wife Claire Merritt Hodgson (31)

Historical Events in the Life of Babe Ruth
1914-04-22 - Babe Ruth's 1st professional game (as a pitcher) is a 6-hit 6-0 win
1914-07-10 - Boston Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth from Baltimore Orioles
1914-07-11 - Babe Ruth debuts as a pitcher for Boston Red Sox, he beats Cleve 4-3
1915-05-06 - Red Sox Babe Ruth pitching debut & 1st HR, loses to Yanks 4-3 in 15
1916-10-09 - Babe Ruth begins 29 2/3 scoreless World Series innings
1917-04-11 - Babe Ruth beats NY Yanks, pitching 3-hit 10-3 win for Red Sox
1918-07-08 - Babe Ruth's blast over the fence in Fenway scores Amos Strunk, the Red Sox win 1-0 over Cleve, prevailing rules reduce Babe's HR to a triple
1919-07-05 - Red Sox Babe Ruth hits 2 HRs in a game for his 1st of 72 times
1919-09-08 - Babe Ruth hits his 26th HR off Jack Quinn in NY, breaking Buck Freeman's 1899 HR mark of 25
1919-09-20 - Babe Ruth ties Ned Williamson's major league mark of 27 HRs
1919-09-24 - Babe Ruth sets season homer mark at 28 off of Yankee Bob Shawkey
1919-09-27 - Babe Ruth's 29th HR is 1st of year in Wash (1st in every park in league in one season)
1919-12-26 - Yankees & Red Sox reach agreement on transfer of Babe Ruth the Yankees
1920-05-01 - Babe Ruth's 1st Yankee HR & 50th of career, out of Polo Grounds

1920-09-29 - Babe Ruth sets then home run season record at 54
1921-06-08 - Babe Ruth arrested for speeding, fined $100, & held in jail until 4 PM
1921-06-10 - Babe Ruth becomes all time HR champ with #120 (Gavvy Cravath)
1921-07-12 - Babe Ruth sets record of 137 career home runs
1921-08-28 - Babe Ruth starts streak of an extra-base hit in 9 straight games
1921-10-02 - NY Yankee Babe Ruth hits then record 59th HR
1921-10-09 - Babe Ruth's 1st WS homer; only Sunday game ever pitched by Carl Mays
1922-03-06 - Babe Ruth signs 3 year contract with NY Yankees at $52,000 a year
1922-05-20 - Babe Ruth & Bob Meusel, suspended on October 16, 1921, by Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, return to the NY lineup & go hitless
1922-05-25 - Babe Ruth suspended 1 day & fined $200 for throwing dirt on an ump
1922-06-12 - St Louis Brown Hub Pruett strikes out Babe Ruth 3 straight times
1922-08-30 - Babe Ruth is thrown out of a game for 5th time in 1922
1923-10-11 - Babe Ruth hits 2 HRs in a World Series game
1923-10-23 - Babe Ruth makes a postseason exhibition appearance in a Giants uniform
1925-04-05 - Yankees whip Dodgers in exhibition 16-9 but Babe Ruth collapses in NC due to an ulcer
1925-04-09 - Babe Ruth rushed to hospital
1925-04-17 - NY Yankee Babe Ruth has ulcer surgery
1925-05-26 - Babe Ruth is finally out of bed, 5 weeks after ulcer surgery
1925-08-09 - Only time Babe Ruth pinch-hit for, Bobby Veach flies out
1925-08-29 - After a night on the town, Babe Ruth shows up late for batting practice Miller Huggins suspends Ruth & slaps a $5,000 fine on him
1926-10-06 - Babe Ruth hits 3 HRs in a World Series game, Yanks beat Cards 10-5
1927-03-02 - Babe Ruth becomes highest paid baseball player ($70,000 per year)
1927-04-15 - Babe Ruth hits 1st of 60 HRs of season (off A's Howard Ehmke)
1927-06-11 - Babe Ruth hits 19th & 20th of 60 HRs
1927-07-12 - Babe Ruth hits 30th of 60 HRs
1927-08-16 - 1st HR hit out of Comiskey Park Chicago (NY Yankee Babe Ruth)
1927-08-22 - Babe Ruth hits 40th of 60 homers
1927-09-11 - Babe Ruth hits 50th of 60 homers
1927-09-29 - Babe Ruth ties record by hitting grand slams in consecutive games
1927-09-30 - Babe Ruth hits record setting 60th HR (off Tom Zachary)
1928-08-01 - Babe Ruth hits HR # 42 & is 4 weeks ahead of his 1927 pace
1929-08-11 - Babe Ruth becomes 1st to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleve)
1930-03-08 - Babe Ruth signs 2-year contract for $160,000 with NY Yankee GM Ed Barrow, wrongly predicts "No one will ever be paid more than Ruth"
1930-05-21 - NY Yankee Babe Ruth hits 3 consecutive homers
1931-08-21 - Babe Ruth hits his 600th HR, off George Blaeholder of Browns
1932-10-01 - World Series moves to Chicago, In 5th inning, Babe Ruth waits until he has 2 strikes, points & hits next pitch into center field bleachers
1933-07-06 - 1st All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 4-2 at Comiskey Park, Chicago, Babe Ruth hits first All Star home run
1933-12-29 - Yank refuses to release Babe Ruth so he can manage the Cin Reds

1934-01-15 - Babe Ruth signs a 1934 contract for $35,000 ($17,000 cut)
1934-07-13 - Babe Ruth hits HR #700 (against Detroit)
1934-07-17 - Babe Ruth draws his 2,000th base on balls at Cleveland
1934-08-10 - Babe Ruth announces this is his final season as full time player
1934-09-24 - 2,500 fans see Babe Ruth's farewell Yankee appearance at Yankee Stadium
1934-09-30 - Babe Ruth's final game as a Yankee, goes 0 for 3
1934-10-20 - All-Star team led by Babe Ruth & Connie Mack sails to Hawaii & Japan
1934-11-02 - Babe Ruth tours Tokyo, Japan
1935-02-26 - NY Yankees release Babe Ruth, he signs with Boston Braves
1935-04-16 - Babe Ruth's 1st NL game, for Boston Braves, included a HR
1935-05-25 - Babe Ruth hits his last 3 home runs, Boston Braves vs Pirates
1935-05-30 - Babe Ruth's final game, goes hitless for Braves against Phillies
1935-05-31 - Babe Ruth grounds out in his final at bat
1935-06-02 - Babe Ruth, 40, announces his retirement as a player
1935-08-12 - Babe Ruth's final game at Fenway Park, 41,766 on hand
1936-01-29 - 1st players elected to Baseball Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson & Walter Johnson
1936-03-09 - Babe Ruth turns down Reds to make a comeback as a player
1937-03-25 - It is revealed Quaker Oats pays Babe Ruth $25,000 per year for ads

1938-06-18 - Babe Ruth is signed as a Dodgers coach for the rest of the season
1938-11-02 - Babe Ruth applies for job of St Louis Browns' manager
1947-04-27 - Babe Ruth Day celebrated at Yankee Stadium & through out US
1948-06-13 - Babe Ruth's final farewell at Yankee Stadium, he dies Aug 16th
1948-07-26 - "Babe Ruth Story" premieres, Babe Ruth's last public appearance
1949-04-19 - Yankees dedicate a plaque for Babe Ruth
2006-05-28 - Barry Bonds hits his 715th career home run, passing Babe Ruth on the all-time list

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