13 October 2015 - TWO 5-STAR AMAZON REVIEWS FOR 'KY!'


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Well, believe it or not, I received two 5-star Amazon reviews for one of my books on the same day. Both reviews have been provided by well-established authors; women I respect greatly - Vicki Tyley and Sarah Mallery. Thank you ladies. Love ya work!


Schoolyard bullying has been around for far too many years––brutal, heart-breaking, and often permanently damaging. The perpetrators thrive on power and the victims either can become so depressed they lean towards suicide or lash out, killing themselves or people around them.

But what if a victim rises above the situation with the support of a couple of people? What if he/she gets outside of his/her life by thinking of someone with even greater issues? That's exactly what happens to Rida, a young girl from Iran, after she's been accosted by heavy prejudice and hatred; when by just wearing her hijab she fears for her own safety.

There are some very important lessons in this book, but what also impressed me was not just its inspirational messages, but also how Clancy Tucker relates the step-by-step process a victim goes through when they are preyed upon. How they often spend hours thinking up ways to avoid conflict, whether it be by keeping their school locker open so they can grab their backpack immediately after their classes to quickly "go on the run," or looking for hiding places en route to their homes in case they are being followed, or, in this case, taking off her hijab just before she gets to school to lessen the attention it draws.

I believe for YA readers, displaying this thought process is very important for them, to assure them if they themselves are constantly problem-solving they, indeed, are not alone. Highly recommended. 


 “Reading books had always been the best way for Rida to learn, and to escape from reality. In the detention centre, she’d read to take her mind off the intolerable heat, the endless kilometres of red sand and the razor wire. Now, she read to avoid two bullies who didn't like her. Rida was the only Muslim at her school, and wearing a hijab made her stand out. Wearing glasses didn't help either.” Ky!

The schoolyard can be a scary place, and even more so if you’re different in any way from your classmates. And so it is for Rida, the only Muslim in her school.

The story of
Ky! is told in an engaging and easy reading style, but underpinning it all are strong messages about bullying, multi-culturalism, illness, courage, and fortitude. But more than anything, it was the strength of the relationships on all levels that touched me most.

This is a book aimed at teenagers, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to adult readers as well.

Clancy's comment: I am pleased about these reviews. Indeed I am. However, don't forget that it also won an award in the Australian National Literary Awards. This novella covers many issues, but it is mainly about bullying. Whilst writing this story, I tried to offer some clues for teenagers on how to deal with the bullies. Having said that, I agree with Vicki Tyley. I would highly suggest this book for adults as well. You may just learn why your child or grandchild has been acting differently lately. 

Might be a good buy for Christmas. So, don't be shy, head up to my book shop and buy a paperback or e-Book.

Thank you, Sarah! Thank you, Vicki! 
Love ya work.

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