20 October 2015 - SOME GREAT WEIRD STUFF


G'day folks,

From time to time I like to scare you and show you what really happens around the world. Brace yourself.

Oh, without sounding like a smartie pants, I've been fortunate enough to receive another 5-Star Amazon review for 'Gunnedah Hero'. Check it out below.

Clancy's comment: Have a chuckle? Recognise anyone you are related to?

5-Star Amazon review for 'Gunnedah Hero' by leading Australian poet, Vicki Case.

A Golden Story & Incredible Read

Australian author - Clancy Tucker has struck gold again with Gunnedah Hero. Once again Clancy takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride of emotions. Only in Gunnedah Hero, you find yourself riding the big-dipper throughout most of it.

After a crippling snake bite Smokey Danson is sent out onto the long paddock with a small herd of cattle; to save them from certain death from the drought; & the farm from losing their valuable asset - the cattle. This task is made even more difficult because young Smokey is only 14 years-old.

Gunnedah Hero tells his tale; conjointly with Smokey's 14 year old great-great grandson reading his journal. It’s an amazing story of courage; heartbreak; friendship & fulfilled promises. Young Gunnedah (or Gunnie as he is known) has no idea of why he is bequeathed the journal; nor of the path its ownership would ultimately lead him but, much like his ancestor, he is up for the challenge.

Throughout the journal Smokey recounts losing his working dog (Sam), who died saving Smokey from a snake. Smokey has to leave him, but pledges to return & take him home. Smokey encounters ruthless characters; illness; rustlers & more. He also meets & makes lifelong friends; solves a twin murder that is decades old & discovers the value of family; friends & animals.

You will not be able to read this book & not shed a tear. It is masterfully written by a talented author who possesses the incredible ability to tell a story that; not only captivates you from its inaugural page; but one that will stay with you forever. To say that I loved this book would be an understatement. If I could give this book 10 stars out of 5; I would.

Even if you are not Australian, you will love Gunnedah Hero.

Gunnedah Hero would make a great movie.

Clancy's comment: Well said, Vicki, and thank you for taking the time to review my book. This book has already won two awards in the Australian National Literary Awards, and we are currently working on a movie. The sequel has already been released, 'A Drover's Blanket', so don't hold back, folks. Spoil yourself and feel what it was like for our forebears who suffered a drought, way back in 1910. All of my books are in paperback or e-Book form. The  paperbacks are all signed and come with a matching bookmark.

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