24 December 2014 - THANK YOU


G'day folks,

Well, here we are again. It's Christmas Eve, and I do sincerely hope that you have written that letter to Santa. My note to the big fat bloke dressed in a red suit was simple - Don't bother this year! All jokes aside, it has been another busy year for yours truly, and no doubt the same for you guys. Thank you to all of you who follow this blog, especially those of you who comment frequently. And, a special thanks to those who agreed to be interviewed. Hope you don't regret it. Here is a sample of who was seen during the year. It is only a sample, so forgive me if your charming face is not seen below.


Clancy's comment: Wow, I hope you watched that video of Father Ray Kelly. Man, what a voice. Anyway, what a stunning parade of folks above, eh?

I'm ...

Think about this!

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