13 December 2014 - PA JOE'S PLACE


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Well, after spending the last few years promoting authors, lawyers, illustrators, inspirational people, awesome kids, stars, humanitarians, poets, photographers and other creative people on this blog, I thought I'd better do some self-promotion. Why not? Christmas is looming and no doubt you will be seeking something special for that certain someone. Look no further than 'Pa Joe's Place'. So, without sounding like any other author who reckons his work is better than sliced bread or canned beer, I guess you're wondering why I'm recommending this book? For starters, check out the reviews by a variety of people from around the globe. They can't all be wrong.

By the way, although the facts contained in this book happened some years ago, I had to wait many decades before I was capable of writing it. It's a powerful story about Pa Joe, an awesome Jesuit priest, and Boo Nawigamune, a seven year-old Thai girl with heaps of spirit. Boo will steal your heart. If she doesn't, you don't have a heart worth stealing.

This story will give you goosebumps.



Ever met an exceptional kid who was years ahead of her time? 

If not, read about Boo, the main character in this story.

Do you need to be inspired?

The world today is fast, furious and fairly unforgiving. Give yourself some 'time out' and get in touch with reality via the wonderful rapport between Pa Joe and Boo.

Want to read a book based on fact that will make you laugh and cry?

Pa Joe's Place is a page-flipper that will make you stop and think about what really is important in your life.

Ever been to, or wanted to visit Thailand?

Hop onboard and read this book. Trust me. I've been going to South East Asia for more than 40 years. By the time you finish this book you will want to visit Thailand ... Or you will feel as though you've been there.

 To whom is this book suitable?

For some reason, all of my books are enjoyed by folks from 8 to 80 years-of-age. That was not my plan when I set out to be a fulltime writer. However, this book is especially suited to parents and grandparents. Boo will make you want to hug your kids and grandkids.


That's a very good question. To answer it, check out this interview, recently conducted by Uva Poznansky, gifted author and artist. 

Your previous book is modern historical Australian fiction, yet this story is based in Thailand. Why, and who is Pa Joe?

This story is based on fact. I first arrived in Bangkok many decades ago and experienced what I call an Asian love affair. I loved it, returned many times, lived in Thailand and learnt the language. It is where I will retire, but I guess it is nothing unusual for writers to live in another country. Many famous writers have done so. Not that I'm famous - yet!

I have always had a great connection with South East Asia, especially Thailand, and the main characters in this story became lifelong friends.

Pa Joe was a magnificent Jesuit priest who spent 50 years in Thailand caring for the great unwashed – kids. He has always been one of my heroes, and a man revered by all Thai people who met him.

Although you are a prolific writer, I’ve heard that you waited years to write this story. Why?

I knew all of the characters in this story, and they became close personal friends. This story is a powerful and emotional story. Hence, it took me a long time before I was prepared to grapple with the emotional issues that needed to be told. Anyone who has read this story has been moved. Just read the reviews on my blog. They come from folks around the world.

Why did you want to write this story?

Simple: It’s a great story, and it involves wonderful courageous people. Truth is often more honourable than fiction. Besides, the main character, Boo, is a seven year-old Thai girl who was years ahead of her time. I was lucky enough to have met her, and she had an enormous impact on me.

Why would you recommend this book to people?

Good question. This book will be enjoyed by anyone from 8 to 80 years-of-age. The younger folks will find it enchanting and interesting, but older folks will identify with the main characters and be moved. I believe that this story is perfect for parents, especially those who live in a fairly wealthy environment. Having been involved in human rights for many decades, I love writing stories that disturb people’s comfort zone. Why not? This story is about smart and courageous people who lived a simple life, but experienced a genuine happiness seldom experienced in the western world.

What is the purpose of this book?

Another good question. Most serious writers do not write for money. They write because they enjoy what they do, and they have many things to say. I write young adult fiction and all of my books have hidden messages disguised in the narrative. In some cases the message is about finding confidence, dealing with bullies, human rights, disabilities, standing up for others, etc. Pa Joe’s Place is about extraordinary people – real people. The setting for this story is Thailand, so this book will introduce this country to many folks who have never been there. I’ve been going to Thailand for many years and I know it well. I guess my hope is that readers will be taken away to another culture and experience the lives of folks who do not have plasma televisions, flash cars and big houses, but they do have a wonderful spirit. Finally, everyone will fall in love with the main character, Boo. She will make you hug your kids and grandkids. I promise you that.

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