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This post is mainly directed at creative Australians, but everyone might be interested. I’m about to apply for a grant to travel to Thailand to write the sequel to my latest book – ‘Pa Joe’s Place’.  The grants are up to $12,000 AUD for periods of up to 3 months. 

You know I have a great friendship and association with Thailand, but applying for this grant is very personal. Why? Having visited Thailand, and lived there, many times since 1973, I have developed a good understanding of the social, religious, historical and political nuances of SE Asia, including a good knowledge of the language. Also, having published 'Pa Joe's Place', a story based in Thailand, I feel my physical presence in Thailand would contribute greatly to the writing of this book's sequel - 'Pa Joe'.

My application will be for a period of three months and the proposed body of work will entail the true story of a Jesuit priest, Pa Joe Carey, who travels from Songkhla in the south to a small village close to Chiang Mai, hence my choice of three host organisations in or near to Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand as the perfect choice for a host residency.

My proposed body of work involves Pa Joe taking the reverse trip taken by one of Pa's many orphans, Boo Nawigamune (main character in Pa Joe’s Place), who travelled alone by train as a 7 year-old girl from a small village near Chiang Mai to join Pa Joe's orphanage in Songkhla; 1730 kilometres south. The trip taken by Pa was a symbolic gesture made by the famous priest, revered by Thai people as Pa Joe.

I have written other material, such as Australian historical fiction works, but 'Pa Joe's Place' contains a very strong Australian - Thailand connection within the narrative, and my proposed new work, 'Pa Joe', will also contain a similar connection.

Reviews of 'Pa Joe's Place' can be seen here:

My ultimate plan is to enter 'Pa Joe's Place' and my final proposed body of work, 'Pa Joe', in Australian book awards, especially the Children's Book Council Awards of Australia (CBCA). Naturally, an acknowledgement will be made of Asialink  and my host partner in the foreward of my new work, should I be fortunate to be selected for a residency. As a prolific writer with 22 book manuscripts, a large selection of bush poetry and 146 short stories completed, and having travelled to SE Asia for the past 39 years, I can easily see myself writing more books that include a connection between Australia and Thailand. Why not?

Although I plan to prepare and write a novel in the range of 100, 000 words, I'd also like to utilise my photographic skills and make a contribution to local schools and the wider communities whilst I am in residence. I've been in touch with my proposed hosts and offered my services. All three of them have offered to support any application and they were more than pleased for me to be involved in the community.

So, who is eligible to apply for such a grant? Check out the link below:


The most popular country is Japan, but you may also apply for the following countries: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

You can either be connected with a host partner or you can initiate a host partner yourself. The aim of Asialink’s Arts Residency Program is to create meaningful and enduring relationships between individuals and organisations in Australia and Asia. Asialink works in partnership with arts residency centres in the region to realise this goal. Asialink Arts Residencies are professional development opportunities, aimed at being mutually beneficial to both host and resident. This two-way knowledge and skills transfer is emphasized by way of Reciprocal Residency and Residency Laboratory programs. 

Outcomes of the program occur immediately and on an ongoing and long-term basis. Since 1991, the Asialink’s Arts Residency Program has created a new generation of Asia-Capable arts professionals.


Visual arts, performing arts, writing and arts management.


I’d encourage anyone to apply for these grants. Who knows? It might be the best creative experience you’ve ever had. Go for it! I might see you in Thailand. 

Don't forget that the grant applications finish on September 30th.

 Here are some photographs that will give you an idea of the locations. Two of the host partners are very close to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and another is near Korat in far North Thailand. All host residencies are in peaceful village-type settings, but close to major townships or cities:

Clancy's comment: think about it and get cracking. Might be the best thing you ever did. I'm looking forward to meeting other creators from around the world. Although these particular grants are for Australians, anyone can apply to the hosts to do a private residency. The Thai residencies are not expensive.

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