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G'day folks,

Welcome to an interview conducted with a man from Kentucky, USA - Mitch Bensel.

Welcome, Mitch ...

Tell us about you and what you do.

           I have three daughters a grandson and another grand on the way. Owned and operated a martial arts school for thirty years, and held self defense seminars. I truly enjoyed going to the schools to talk with the kids about common sense self defense and awareness.  I am a writer of every genre and being a writer I also have a day job. I work in the medical world as an EMT and work in some emergency rooms and have seen everything that can happen to a human. I wrote about the ER and the re-release of that book will be out soon. I love a good movie and one day will write one... 

      I also create in other arena’s, I make crosses out of wood and nails and wire. Coins make great rings and cool crosses also. Coins have so much character and time in them. Imagine how much history that piece of metal has gone through. I take them and forge them into a work of art, the perfect mix.  My spoken word cd’s and my healing and guidance cd, Walk With Me,  are selling well globally. Due to the popularity of the guidance cd, I will be holding seminars at assisted living residences, in hopes to help them remove past guilt or sorrow over death of loved ones and of past issues of being abused. I have been asked by some of my readers to make audio books of my writings. The gathering of proper recording tools has begun.
 My children’s books are scattered across the states in some school libraries and in the homes of many a young one. They illustrate the books and learn a life lesson.  The sequel to my paranormal mystery and suspense, Wishes of Seven has begun, Legend Has It, and several children’s books will come to life very soon. When I get stuck on one book or story I switch to another area of imagination. If I told you of all the writings in progress it might melt your eyeballs.

      Love to ride my road bike, for what better moment can be lived, that feeling your body respond to the push up a hill with the heat following your skin, leaving trails of sweat. That is a moment of cleansing and refreshes my spirit...

            •   What was the happiest moment of your life?

               When I got divorced after a very difficult twenty two year marriage…I was finally free of more than I care to mention.... life was alive and I could be myself.. was absolutely the best moment of my life.. I was finally able to live.. not controlled, not verbally attacked at my every movement or thought..so yea.. ooo la moment...

            •   What was the saddest moment?

             The deaths of my parents, I do not like death…my mother died a very painful death of a cancer that pushed her lower spine to a place it wasn’t meant to be. She had always wanted to suffer for souls, which she did with more strength and bravery I have yet seen since. My father died after open heart surgery at the young age of eighty eight. One of his heart valves had decided it was done... he went into the surgery with the same prayer he had said as he went into every battle as a B-17 bomber pilot in WWII, “Lord I am not ready to go, but your will be done”.. He was a man of character and strength. Your word was your bond. If i can be one one hundredth of a man he was, I will have succeeded in a pretty wonderful thing. My parents taught me strength, the love of the Lord, that life is beautiful even though it is sometimes difficult beyond measure. Responsibility of your actions and remain on the path of honor and love.  yea.. I do not like death.. but I am honored with having a mother and father that showed me what a real human being should be.

            •  What surprised you most?

                What surprises me the most. when people are kind to one another. I work in an arena of illness and fear and much anger. I lived a long time in a place of anger so when an unselfish or kind act is done without any reward for said act.. that surprises me but gives me hope. For each act of kindness or helping another spreads that love in life that grows slowly but powerfully within each of us. You know that feeling when you see something done for another in the movies, or read a book with a character that ‘does the right thing,’ that feeling is the very tip of the power of love. I had to climb out of anger, anger that was thrown at me and my own anger. When I witness love, which is what kindness is, which is what helping another just for the reason to help someone is, that surprises me. I have seen it more and more as of late, maybe soon it will be common place for all of us to treat each other like human beings and not garbage...

            • What was your greatest disappointment?

                The MG Midget I bought was a piece of junk .. was so sad when I sold it..for I expected so much from it.. .....but It leaked oil on a constant, it was cool to drive but constantly broke down. I wanted that car so badly but when I finally got it, it was horrible. I still remember watching it drive away, smiling and waving at the guy that bought it wondering how long it would be before he sold it. I lasted a whole three months.
•   What has been your biggest regret?

                 I do not regret, I have learned that regretting just keeps that past action alive and it is long gone done. I have an audio on  why and how not to regret. Every action we do in life we are doing our best, sometimes our best is the worst thing we could have done, but we learn from it. So… I have had a lot of lessons… lets put it that way .


            •  What would be your dying comment? Why?

                                       I did my best...:: because we all have a path here.. and by golly with freedom of choice, it takes us down some winding roads... so “I did my best..”

  What would you like written on your tombstone? Why?

                          Don’t forget to turn off the coffee pot.. because that would  make someone smile..and then wonder..if they turned of their coffee pot..!

   Who would you rather have not met? Why?

                       Everyone crosses your path for a reason and a lesson. Even if it was a hard lesson you grow from it.. learn from it.. gives your soul character and depth to be near even the most difficult people, take on their attacks or derogatory nature your way, yet walk away with a clearer picture of self. There is no better way to become self than to walk right up to the face of insults and smile. And that can only happen, because you learned they are projecting their own lack of’s and spewing them your way.  So I am glad I met all that walked into my path.. even though a lot of them were not good types, I became a better person because of them.

    Who were you most envious of? Why?

          Those writers that get published by a big press and their stuff is impossible to read... isn’t that horrible?

        Who did you forgive – for doing something you never thought  you’d  forgive? 
 My ex-spouse ... the many years of verbal abuse and    controlling my every action.. dropped me so deep into myself it took me years to climb out of the cavern of my soul where I escaped to for rest.  
     What was your greatest moment in your life?
                       Seeing my three daughters born...when that fresh life looks at you and you smell the freshness of their skin you cannot help but cry. Fresh is the key word with babies and  as they grew they made my soul fresh. They are nothing but pureness of love and nothing better than being around .. pure love...

       What is your greatest achievement?

         Resting in the love of the Lord and doing it without being a fanatic.. and that is a difficult task..for sure...there is a time that will come to all in life.. a time when things just make sense.. when a peace fills you.. and you just know.. you are not alone ...

         What personal traits would you like to have in your next life?

         Like I am now... I am kind of cool ... maybe just add a touch of ‘more better’  .. and that’ll do it

           What advice would you give to world leaders?

           Start looking at the people instead of the money..your lazy decision to pass a vague law or tax has exponential repercussions...

            What advice would you give to parents today?

          Love your kids, discipline your kids in a gentle way, teach your kids the reasons of your discipline and let them fly. Give them the tools to live in the world.. not just live under your reign

          Who would you choose to be stuck on a desert island with?

          When I read this question my first thought was a blonde with beautiful legs... ha.. but truly ...my imagination and me .. when one learns to be alone and still be happy, they have conquered a very difficult level in life..

          Have any heroes? Why? Who?

         Jesus Christ.. the absolute strongest most amazing being ever born for mankind.. total love given to allow us to have love into eternity.. and Greg Lemond, who won a Tour De France completely on his own, without the help of his team..

          What are the greatest legacies you will leave behind?

           My three daughters.. they are beautiful in soul and will help many in this place before their time is finished. They are artists actors and survivors.. and by golly they are just plain cool kids..
           My Walk With Me CD.. I put that cd together in one weekend. Wrote it, recorded it, sold it. I sold more than needed to cover the cost of its production. At that point I started giving it away. You can still listen to it on my site free or download it from cdbaby for a reasonable cost for those digitally inclined.. I am transcribing it for those that are hearing impaired. It is a miracle maker that cd is.. it has helped so many and will continue to help them in so many ways...

         What’s lacking in the world today?
          Love.. compassion..forgiveness...kindness.. spirituality.. not talking about religions... they are man made.. talking about spirituality.. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit......holding love in your heart and soul..  love of each no matter how they attack you.. relax and wish them peace..people do not allow love into their hearts .. very seldom at least in my experiences... we have to change the current pattern of anger and kill and abuse. It starts with one person. If everyone would just drop their shoulders.. exhale and calm down.... our world would turn around so quickly it would make our heads spin...

           Any pearls of wisdom for the rest of us?

             Read a lot of Mitch Bensel books, and listen to Mitch’s cd’s...they will help your spirit...and start relaxing some of the anger and negative, let go of that worry for you can worry it into existence.. allow life to bring you your path of happy and love.. leave it to God (the big guy, I call him)...

           What would be the last sentence you ever write?

            I wish to all peace and love and pray with my heart and soul you fly with life through the eyes of a child and play hard...

           What inspired you most?

            The beauty of nature.. the energy of life.. the way the wind blows memories through my core.. the simple of a hummingbird the vastness of the worlds oceans..the way the hills purify me as i am cycling.. burning me with a true energy of real life.. :: life and love inspire me..

          Who or what made you laugh the most?

            So many times... too many ways ..  when I do laugh, it bursts out loud and clear with no shame.. try it sometime

            What would be your top three chosen careers in your next life?

           To play.. to play hard and to play harder.. no matter what I do or will do, have to step always into enjoying the way of life.. we are here to enjoy and grow love.. and love comes when we play....

           What is your prime focus in life today?
           To help people.. either through my writings..or my cd’s..to remove their fear ease their anger..or ease them from pain. If a simple book or a short poem..can cause one to fly away from their pain.. then I have accomplished what I want to do... for then they will be with the energy of love.. and it is all about love.. no matter the situation in life.. no matter the highs or the lows.. love is what pulls us out of all of it ..into a place of safe and peace...

           Do you have any fear of doing something wrong?
           Everything happens for a reason...even if I.. supposedly did something wrong.. I learn from it and move on.. fear of doing wrong?  If I would have a fear ..it would be of staying in that place of regret of the wrong.. for that is a negative thought process and that creates more horrible results than any wrong action did on its own.

            If or when you reflect on your past, can you identify any world events that you believe had a significant impact on you?
          911 in many ways.. created doubt of safety and a deep pain in my core. So many people suffered and for what purpose? As humans we need to see a reason for actions of abuse or murder. Whether it is drugs or money or jealousy or an illness but there is at least a reason. There were so many killed for what purpose. Terrorism is brought to the table. So on top of murder and death of innocent people, in my own country,  the name of terrorism finds a home. Not tangible, pure evil, terrorism. Cannot fight an invisible enemy, it creates frustration and horror. And we cannot end it, or fight it for we cannot find it. So we have to settle back and try to find peace. But there will always be a piece of that horror in my soul.. in our souls..in our hearts. . and only prayer will ease it and slowly remove it.

          Do you think one can live a purposeful life without knowing the meaning of life?  
Well yes, we do it everyday. We are all on different paths to the same end. To be happy to have financial security so we can be comfortable and safe.. the rest is about living and finding love. If we would all just give up being so grumpy and selfish, our lives would pull more positive moments and growth. But that is something the individual must learn. That is why I give people tools on how to handle all the horrible in life thrown at them. For, if you can redirect the attack with easy deflection, then you stand unscathed and stronger than before. Stronger meaning, you learned not to ‘get caught up in the tornadoes of other peoples emotions’.. . and that my friend, will get you through more than you could ever believe. I feel everyone knows the meaning of life, it is the life they are living....

           From your perspective - what is the way forward for the world? 
           Love... reach with an intense awareness of kindness and listen to those around you. Truly be aware of them. React always with kindness .. walk away from anger but do not judge...:: If we could look at each other with the knowledge that we are all from the same boat.. no matter the country, city or dot of an island in the vast ocean, we are the same. Then we would treat each other with such respect and do all we could to have a better and wonderful life here. This world is ours to live in, why do we not make it a nirvana? It is within our grasp.....so listen ..and love..and be gentle to others. ..Everyone has a gift.. art..or writing or singing or  playing an instrument..having the gift of gab and public speaking on topics of silly or serious.. no matter the gift.. it needs to be used.. sing that song.. play that music.. draw those cool images....design those cool clothes.. they way forward for the world..... is to reach with all you have and share it....

             Do you have a bucket list? Tell us more.
           Oh yes.. want to go metal detecting on some cool historic places, want to go diamond hunting in Arkansas,.visit Greece, it looks like even the air is beautiful there. Visit Australia and hide from the spiders.. Stay in the most beautiful hotels around the world and write. To see one of my books made into a movie. To talk with Angelina Jolie, she reminds me of my youngest daughter, and tell her well done, for she has conquered many battles. To go to Ireland and be full of blarney... Take my books to all the schools everywhere and talk to the little ones about life and love..

        Any great claims to fame?
                 Interesting question... My cd Walk With Me, which I have been redundant about, due to it’s healing nature. The love scenes in my books and my spoken word poetry cd’s have carried many women away to a place of ooo la la... If that is a claim to fame  : )...  Claim to fame..hmmm   people are looking for love and my books  take them to a place of arousal, excitement and adventure... I have had hundreds of responses from women telling me of their enjoyment and want for more books or CD’s.. I am finishing up a much wanted book, City Sensual.. have a large waiting list that is growing. Claim to fame? I would say is the way I move people with my books and cd’s...

      Anything you’d like to add?

I am a human being just like every other person on this planet. I have been through horrendous moments in life just like about everyone here. I have had love and lost it. I have flown with happiness and fell on my face on the pavement. Sweated and worked and raised three girls that are away and on their own sewing their seeds of experiences. But I am also a writer  and that makes me an artist and artists have a responsibility to open the spirits of the world, or the random stranger that opened the books and flew away from pain or inspired them to show love. Or just to laugh or smile, or be scared for a moment in that safe place of a mystery novel. I write to pull the reader into a different world to allow them to feel emotions they may have never experienced, to make love, to be loved, to feel life.  Now if I could just write more often.. and quit my day job... ahh wouldn’t that be wonderful...

Because of the pain I have had in life, and what I have witnessed in the emergency room I truly want to help all to find happy happy. Fear is horrible, anger eats us up and causes failure....that is why every person that I see in my day I give a nod and a smile.. a genuine look into their eyes..that hey.. everything is all right...

Peace to all, God bless and carry on soldiers.. it is not over yet...

Clancy's comment: Thanks, Mitch. Hope you manage your bucket list. Don't worry about the spiders in Australia. There are plenty of other, bigger things to scare you - people, snakes and crocodiles.

I'm ...

Think about this!

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