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- 28 Top Questions -
G'day guys,

Today I introduce a successful writer and author from Arizona, USA, who has offered to be interviewed, via my 28 Top Questions - Sandra Farris. 

Welcome, Sandra ...

Tell us a little about you and where you originally came from.

Born in Texas, my parents moved the family to Los Angeles my junior in High School. What a culture shock. Their manners were so lax in class and I shuddered when students showed a lack of respect for the teacher.

I have two sons, a third one passed away thirteen years ago. I have 7 books published; four novels and three short story e-books.

What’s your job? Tell us more

Before I retired to write books, I worked for the court system, both county and municipal. I worked the front counter at Justice Court and Marana Municipal Court where people came in to pay their fines, appear for court, or set up court dates.

At Justice Court (county) officers brought in warrants to be issued and long form complaints, which were for driving under the influence. I entered them into the computer and gave them docket numbers.

I also worked at Superior Court in the Child Support Division, collecting child support and sending the checks to the custodial parent

What was the happiest moment of your life?

The happiest moment(s) of my life. . . The births of my three sons. Aside from that, it would be hard to choose. Probably my opportunity to travel to different countries, meet the people and see the various customs.

What was the saddest?

The saddest moment of my life was the loss of my eldest son. I was abroad and not there to say goodbye.

What surprised you most?

Boy, that is a tough one. I suppose it would be when we found out my sister didn’t really have cancer after 6 ½ years of very poisonous treatments. Some weren’t even used anymore because they were so bad. The treatments enlarged her red blood cells and changed her DNA. She could at any time develop Adult Onset Leukemia. She has to go every six months for the rest of her life to get her blood tested.

What was your greatest disappointment?

My greatest disappointment was the years lost with my friend, Linda Griffith. We were very close, as close as sisters for many years. One day we had a “falling out”. I lost contact with her for ten years. One night I had a nightmare about her; a dream that she was being attacked. I was so disturbed by it that I looked her phone number up in an old address book and gave her a call. When she returned my call I told her about he dream and I wanted to make sure she was all right. She told me she had a rare cancer that was attacking her liver and she was dying. She said she couldn’t find my number and had no way to contact me, so she sent a dream. She said it only took three days but I got it. I had only a few weeks with her and I spent much of that time with her.

Who did you misjudge? Why?

I misjudged a “friend” thinking she was my best friend and confidante. Little did I know at the time she was sharing our conversations with my ex-husband, causing all kinds of trouble.

Who or what was your biggest challenge

My biggest challenge, aside from being a parent, was writing my first book, and the challenge remains. One is always a parent and I am still writing books.

What has been your biggest regret?

My biggest regret was not being with my son when he passed away. I was in Rome and didn’t get home for two days.

What would be your dying comment? Why?

My dying comment would be “I gave it my best shot”. Because I believe you have to do the very best with what you are given on this earth and I feel I did.

Who or what stunned you the most.

What stunned me the most was being diagnosed with cancer. When I left the doctor’s office I was stunned. Only when I called my boss and told her I wouldn’t be in for a while and actually said the words “I have cancer” did I break down. I was angry, then scared, afraid how my sons and family would take the news. Cancer seemed associated with a death sentence.

What would you like written on your tombstone? Why?

I will not have a tombstone, as I want to be cremated. If I did have one, though, I would want it to say, “she did her best with what she had”, because I think I did. That would be true with every part of my life. If it was worth doing, it was worth giving it your best. “With what she had” would apply to education, ability, understanding and heart.

Who would you rather have not met? Why?

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have not met. I think everyone I met had some quality about him or her from which I learned something.

Who were you most envious of? Why?

Can’t think of anyone.

Who did you forgive – for doing something you never thought you’d forgive?

I forgave my ex-husband for the abuse and heartache I suffered at his hands.  It took a while. I try not to ever carry a grudge. It isn’t productive and robs you of your strength.

What was your greatest moment in your life?

The greatest moment in my life (again aside from giving birth. That will always be tops with me) would have to be my son making my award wining book trailer. Selling the movie rights to another  book financed the making of it.  http://www.youtube.com/standquietAndListen

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is my writing career. If I never get rich, or even famous, I accomplished what I set out to do. Hey, that would be good on my tombstone.

What personal traits would you like to have in your next life?

The personal traits I would like to have in my next life are kindness and caring. Being tall, thin and gorgeous wouldn’t hurt either. Are those traits?

What advice would you give to world leaders?

I would advise world leaders to quit making war and killing people. Sit down and talk things out, and don’t be greedy by wanting more power or possessions than anyone else. War is so destructive and the loss of human life is completely incomprehensible.

What advice would you give to parents today?

Parents today need to love their children enough to discipline them. So many parents today give “time outs”, or take away privileges. The children don’t learn there is a consequence to their actions, sometimes very harsh, by these so called slap on the hand.

Who would you choose to be stuck on a desert island with?

I would choose to be stuck on a desert island with an inventor who could come up with a way to get off, or possibly James Bond (any of them).

Have any heroes? Who?

My hero is my Mom. She spent a hard life with dignity and strength. She gave her five girls that strength, genteel manners, courtesy toward all, and a sense of humor.

What are the greatest legacies you will leave behind?

 My greatest legacies I leave behind are my two talented sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Also my books, hopefully with characters memorable enough my fans would like to revisit.

What’s lacking in the world today?

Respect for life, and people not taking responsibility for their actions are what’s lacking today. They blame their actions on a miserable childhood, being abused, etc. I know people who have that kind of background and they never blamed their actions on those excuses.

Any pearls of wisdom for the rest of us?

No pearls of wisdom yet. I am still learning and have a ways to go before I feel qualified.


Generally, is your glass half full or half empty?

My glass is half full generally.


Got any good news?   

Good news is that my book, 'Can You Hear the Music?', is coming out on audio books.

Link to the trailer for the movie based on my book, Obituary Column. They changed the name to The Treasure Within: http://treasurewithinmovie.com

The trailer for my award winning book trailer for Can You Hear the Music?: You tube:  http://www.youtube.com/standquietAndListen

Clancy's comment: Thanks, Sandra. Appreciate you taking the time for this interview, and for being so forthright. Love your book covers.

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