15 July 2013 - FAMOUS SHOTS of BIG SHOTS


G'day guys,

Here are some early shots of the rich, and not-so-rich and famous. 

Bill Clinton and Saxophone

Hillary and Bill Clinton on their wedding day

Young Barak Obama with his grandfather

Barak Obama with his mother

John Lennon

John Lennon

James Dean as a boy

James Dean - 18

Albert Einstein with the Hopi Tribe

Albert Einstein - 1939

Winston Churchill with a Tommy-Gun

Marlon Brando

Marilyn Monroe

Sean Connery, fourth on left, wins third place
in Mister Universe Contest

Pablo Picasso as 'Popey'

John and Jackie Kennedy - 1953

John Lennon

John Wayne

John Wayne

Fidel Castro - Moscow

Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin without moustache

Tolstoy at 30

Nelson Mandela in tribal clothes

Clancy Tucker as a cute kid

Clancy's comment: Have no doubts. Clancy Tucker falls into the not-so-rich and not-so-famous categories.

I'm ...

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