22 July 2013 - PATRICIA A. McKNIGHT - Abuse Survivor and Activist

- Abuse Survivor and Activist -

G'day folks,

Most of us who are interested in, or switched-on to the real world, are aware of child abuse - sexual or otherwise. Here in Australia, we have a Judicial Enquiry in one State, and a Federal Royal Commission currently investigating child sexual abuse, especially relating to religious organisations. Thus far, what has been revealed has been shocking, and I have nothing but praise for those who have the courage to appear before such tribunals to reveal their trauma, having spent decades dealing with it with no support whatsoever. Two things stand out for me in regard to these crimes:

Those members of religious organisations who committed devious crimes to young kids should be publicly named, exposed and dealt with via the courts. However, what has really staggered me are those very senior members of religious organisations who knew of these offenders and sent them onto other parishes without telling the unsuspecting families within those parishes. A code of silence existed for decades. Sending those offenders to a new parish was like giving a fox the key to a hen house.

Now. I have often presented posts about kids in crisis or organisations who assist them. Today, I present a real, living example of someone who was abused from five years of age, a woman who survived and went on to become an activist, author, speaker, writer and radio host - Patricia A. McKnight. Here is some background on a truly courageous woman - her own words ...

"There is no way to share the why without introducing the history of what built the person I am today. At just five years old I went from being a happy normal child to having my world invaded by the devil himself. My mother was warned about this man, but chose to marry him and then made the choice to give me to him as property. I was his and he could do as he wished.

Throughout 12 consecutive years he sadistically molested, raped, beat, exploited, and sold me for the price of a couple of beers. Not once did my mother intervene and along with his torture was her neglect of even the most basic of human necessities or kindness. At twelve I made a conscious decision to stop bathing as my effort to prevent him from trapping me in his favorite room of torture. However the five continuous years in which I could not bathe in my own home, caused an outbreak of an impetigo type of skin infection, which ate away at almost every inch of my skin and has left me severely scarred to this day. My teeth were never provided a tooth brush and my duties in the home were always very clear; I was the slave to him and caregiver for my siblings. There were only two trips to a doctor in my childhood; one at 15 to be sure I was put on the pill, the other at almost 16, after nearly four years of rotting; finally one single trip to a dermatologist, but never any follow up care or resolution for the infection.

Sadly the entire community; school system; family friends; his coworkers; schoolmates; law enforcement; neighbors, all watched a child rot away in this hell without ever once questioning my wellbeing. The adult men and high school mates took part in the multiples of parties where I was the drunken party favor. My mother and those who knew our family judged the tortured, neglected child as the village whore, rather than being concerned or offering help. This continued lack of acknowledgment as a human in need trained me to believe I deserved nothing better. This led to continuous self destructive behaviors and twenty years in almost murderous domestic violence. My guilt I still carry today, is that I had children in this mess and the turmoil has of course left its wounds on their lives and parenting abilities.

This is my drive for all that I put forth everyday now to help whoever I can to find their path through recovery, rebuilding, taking back their power and finding their voice, their value, their freedom.  The publication of 'My Justice' was the path to my recovery and to the creation of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming. It was solely intended for my children to explain and apologize for all they carry in their lives today, but has led to not only helping others find their way, but using my voice to educate others about the evils that often lurk in the homes intended to protect us from the elements of the outside world. Sadly, our homes can often be the most dangerous place in the world and we are still teaching silence of these acts, blaming the child victims and those trapped in this hell rather than speaking out on their behalf. 

I do hope this wasn't too much to share, but I couldn't explain one without the introduction of the what and why. 

Thank you kindly and much great respect for the voice you give in your documentaries to those who have suffered the tragedies that should be society's teaching path of today.

In Kind Regards,
Trish McKnight "

Comment by Peter Senese, founding Director of the I Care Foundation (International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment Foundation). Peter will be a special guest on this blog on the 25th of July:

"Patricia McKnight is a warrior amongst warriors. With deep respect and admiration, Trish is one of society's sensible domestic violence abuse recovery advocates. Once a victim at the highest level, Trish found her courage. Then she found her voice. Then she found more courage.  And then she started changing the world by empowering those who lost belief in themselves.  In the interview we recently conducted, you asked me to name the 5 most important books I own and have read. 

As you may recall, I listed Patricia McKnight's 'My Justice' to go alongside writings of Noble Laurette Wangari Maathai, J.R. Tolkien, and Cervantes.  One of the reasons why 'My Justice' made my inner sanctum honour roll is not only because of the universal story of FREEDOM that Trish shares, but 'My Justice' was a seed to an incredible change of life for so many. Through Trish's advocacy work on behalf of men and women ... yes ... men too .... so many others have learned to break the chains of abuse that have imprisoned them and now live free.

Outside of being a highly talented author, Trish is a highly talented radio show host. Her Butterfly Dreams Radio show is outstanding."  

An update from Patricia:
These last six years, I've had to be on disability due to damage from the last brutal beating I took in 1997. In Sept. 2007 my spinal canal became filled with sack like cysts which cause a great deal of problems with my neurological and physical abilities. My last nervous breakdown and the PTSD leads to a high stress response which when activated kicks the spinal fluid flowing, fills the cysts, and the pressure and pain, migraines and neuropathy all flares up. Its a crazy cycle. What I believe in however, is those who connect with me and share all their horror, their sadness, their pain. It means to me that I'm not the only one as I once felt so different and isolated by all that had happened. 

The internet and our social sites has become a great healing and empowerment tool for victims of abuse and violence today. They need not feel alone as someone is always online to help them or listen to them. It is a way to share our healing process and take back our power by seeing what others are going through and listening to their voices. This is why the website and radio shows are so important to me. This being said, I use my disability income to fund all of what I do. It's not much, but I give what I can because it is that important to me. Others, society as a whole, really needs to know how to prevent it from happening, what to watch out for in predators, and how it is a lifelong recovery process when we do not provide early intervention and rescue. 

It doesn't have to be such a destructive crime, yes it will always be with the victims, but if we can intervene rather than turn away, there is a much greater chance of that person seeing value in their being and learning they matter; meaning they will become a strong individual rather than a broken mess of self destruction. 

Perhaps one day Clancy, you will give me the great honor to share a one on one with you on the radio show. I broadcast every Monday and Wednesday evening. Monday's broadcast is titled Generation No More where I try to have guests on who are truly bringing out the best and making a difference in how society sees the injustices around our world; the devaluing of human life and suffering. It would be such a treat to interview you and all the voices you are giving praise to, now including mine!!!

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujWedUtdf0&feature=youtu.be

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Clancy's comment: This post has covered a disturbing topic. Indeed it has, but it is a reality of modern life and I encourage anyone to watch the video above. Not only, read Patricia's book, 'My Justice'.

Thanks, Patricia. Admire your courage and spirit. It's been an absolute pleasure to interview you. Keep going. 

Love ya spirit ... and ya work!

I'm ...

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