4 April 2020 - Old Beacon Hat Mill, Beacon, New York

Old Beacon Hat Mill
 Beacon, New York

G'day folks,

I've found another one for you. A 19th century hat factory still stands as a crumbling ruin in upstate New York. 

Since it was established in 1879, this old mill has been repurposed over the past century to suit the ever-changing industries of Beacon, New York. It has changed many hands throughout its lifetime.

Some of the last companies that operated here were The Merrimac Hat Company, which sold the property in 1949. After that, Beacon Terminals Corporation owned the property and it was used as a warehouse. In the 90s, the property was acquired by real estate developer William S. Ehrlich and has been in increasing states of ruin ever since.

Clancy's comment: Hats? Real hats I guess. 

I'm ...


  1. Just across the river from my home. Many of these old building have been repurposed to show art as an artistic community has grown up there.

    1. What a great idea, and there should be more of it.