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This 14th century castle withstood years of battle but is now sliding off the hills into the Danube. 


Golubac Fortress is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. Yet the advent of modern technology has submerged some of the outer walls of this storied Serbian fortification, finally causing the decay of a powerful compound that survived years of war and battle.


Comprised of 10 different towers protecting three internal compounds, Golubac Fortress was a powerhouse guarding the Danube. Despite its formidable structure, it changed hands many times throughout its existence, but even war and constant attack could not destroy the thick stone walls. Unfortunately, the only thing strong enough to begin the death of Golubac was modern technology.

In 1964, a hydroelectric dam on the Danube caused flooding along its shores. The rising water levels eventually submerged Golubac’s outer walls along the lower bank. Along with the Danube’s invasion of the fortress, a road was created that passed through the walls, once again proving that the only way to breach Golubac was with the technology of modern progress and infrastructure.

 In 2005, a campaign to restore the overgrown fortress was undertaken and Golubac is now a popular tourist site in Serbia, especially during boat tours of the Danube.


Clancy's comment: It would not have been easy to construct, but I'd love to visit it with my cameras.


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