29 March 2020 - ABANDONED BREAD FACTORY, Buffalo, New York

Abandoned Bread Factory
in Buffalo, New York

G'day folks,

Here we go again. Another abandoned factory, and a forsaken wonder in the middle of the East Side neighborhood. 

The Wonder Bread factory, built in 1923, was once an industrial icon of Buffalos East Side. While it was in operation, the facility produced that classic midcentury staple, as well as Hostess brand snacks. The first floor held massive Wonder ovens, making the surrounding neighborhood smell faintly of bread.

The 180,000-square-foot, steel-reinforced concrete building was built with tall ceilings, large south-facing windows, and an open layout to maximize the natural light. The blond brick exterior was topped with Roman arch-style windows that were popular with mill buildings in the late 19th century.

The factory closed in 2004, and has sat empty ever since, in an ever-worsening state of decay. Around 2010 (the same year the building was listed for sale for $800,000), the letter “B” from the giant “Wonder Bread” sign at the top of the building mysteriously went missing. Some months later, the “N” followed, and later the “E.”

The factory remains abandoned today, with just enough fading letters intact to make out its former name.

 Clancy's comment: Mm ... Imagine the great smell you would have had every day if you lived nearby. Enough to make you put on weight. Hey, the three letters that went missing were probably stolen by someone named BEN. Just a thought ...

I'm ...

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