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One of the largest bamboo bridges in Asia, located right next to a bamboo school. 

One of the largest bamboo bridges in Asia is part of an even larger effort in Sibang Kaja, Bali, to combine modern ideas about green living and traditional uses of bamboo.

The Millennium Bridge extends 75 feet (23 meters) from one side of the Ayung River to the other. It is connected to the Green School, an ecologically sustainable complex that’s also made out of bamboo, as well as mud and local grasses. Nearby, there is a community of bamboo houses.

 These projects, created by the team at IBUKU, an organization dedicated to beautiful and natural building, demonstrate how bamboo can be used as a renewable alternative to concrete or steel, to which it has comparable strength, though is more susceptible to the elements.

The bridge, which has a floor area of 230 square feet (70 square meters), took eight months to construct, and was completed in December of 2011. The roof of the covered bridge is inspired by the architecture of the Minangkabau people of Indonesia. In addition to being a means of crossing the Ayung River, the Millennium Bridge can also be rented as a scenic place for events. Up to 30 people can be accommodated on the bridge. 

Clancy's comment: The manner in which bamboo is used in Asia is extraordinary.

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